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A wyvern attacking an airship.

A Wyvern is a large, flying predator similar to a dragon. These creatures frequently operate in packs, and a huge danger to airships.


While searching for the lost city of Cielis, the group's airship is attacked by a group of wyverns. Cogsley– attached to Miskit by a rope – fixes a broken engine on the wing. Afterwards, the two are siezed by a wyvern and later dropped in a nest.

While the two are inside, one of the eggs hatches and the baby is taught to fly by Cogsley, whom it sees as its mother. However, when the two are saved by Vigo, the infant pursues them, refusing to be separated. The baby later joins the crew under Cogsley – who names him Dagno.



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Wyverns appear as large two-legged reptiles with blue skin with horizontal orange stripes. They have a row of small spines leading down their backs and large leathery orange wings. They have eyes that lack pupils and their necks are ringed by a circle of frills.

Known Wyverns[]

  • Dagno, a small wyvern that thought Cogsley was his mother when Cogsley and Miskit were carried to a wyvern home.


  • The term "wyvern" describes a two-legged dragon-like creature in European folklore,[1]which in fact, closely resembles the wyverns in the book.
  • Wyverns are somewhat bird-like in nature.