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Windsor is an Alledian nation located in the northwest, and lies to the west from Gulfen and the north from Lufen. The majority of its population consists mostly of humans – with some being affected by a generational disease that gives them the appearance of fauna. The nation was once lead by the Guardian Council. Its capital, Cielis, was dispatched and relocated above the clouds, where it currently remains.

History[edit | edit source]

Following the discovery of the Mother Stone, the Guardian Council was established in Windsor. Cielis, then ground-based, was chosen as the nation's capital and it was here that the first Stonekeepers were taught. Civilization continued to sprout all across Windsor, except in the nation's icy north.

At some point in time, a handful of stonekeepers in the nation were influenced and corrupted by their stones – transforming them into giants – and a violent rampage ensued. The Council and other stonekeepers managed to keep them at bay and eventually defeated them, except for one – an elf boy from a small village who would eventually become the Elf King . With the help of his stone, the boy escaped confinement.

In the following years, a war ensued, instigated by the nation of Gulfen for some unforeseen reason. Lead by the King, the elves unleashed devastating attacks on both Windsor and Lufen. The Council now saw the elves as a serious threat and many elves were thrown in prison, as well as those who aided them in any sort of escape.

During this war, many of Windsor's cities remained under control by Gulfen's army. Eventually, a resistance was formed in an attempt to combat the elves. When Silas Charnon's successor, Emily Hayes, arrived,The Resistance  movement was further advanced.

Geography[edit | edit source]

A map of Windsor.

The northern region of Windsor is frigid, icy and mountainous, with the only specified location being that of the Ice Prison of Korthan. The largest mountain in this area, Gondoa Mountain, is linked to a chain of smaller mountains – which extend over to Demon's Head Mountain through the Nobuo Range.

The nation's southern half maintains a very much moderate climate and is level-grounded. As a result, most of the nation's civilization lies in this area, with cities such as Kanalis – which is a notorious port town to the southwest – bustling with people. The Taka River from the northwest extends into this city, and into the Black Forest, where it seems to separate Windsor from Lufen.

To the east, the nation ends along the sea, near the Golbez Cycle . More large cities are located here – including Frontera, Sparkton  and Lucien.

Notable locations[edit | edit source]

People[edit | edit source]

Cities around Windsor seem to have a quite bustling population. Most civilians are humans, with some being affected by mutation.

As a source of income, many commoners took to farming and vending. Following the war, however, many people lost their jobs. As a result, they flocked to large towns, where they could find food in soup kitchens.

Notable figures[edit | edit source]

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