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Virgil was the uncle and caretaker of Trellis and Luger, as well as the brother of the Elf King. He used to be the caretaker of the library in their home village.


Virgil and Trellis both resided alongside a woodland lake in Gulfen. As well as being a caretaker of the young elf, it is known that Virgil owned a library and studied many works of literature – including those by humans – during his lifetime.[1]

Trellis encountered Virgil in the Void using his stone. Having seen him fall out the sky and survived, he mended his arm and placed him in his home to recover. When he woke up, he was directed by a young elf he saw earlier to Virgil's cottage, telling him not to knock as he was already expected. Sure enough, before he could the door opened and Virgil let him in. He then tells him what happened before he woke up, telling him he fell out of the sky and he thought he died. A confused Trellis inquires where everyone else is, but Virgil dismisses his questions as delirium.

A while later, Virgil took Trellis across a lake to an ancient library, where he gave Trellis information regarding the stone. When the Voice finally appeared to apprehend Trellis, Virgil urged him to escape to a willow grove in the bank, and told him to remember everything and to know that he came from a good family. Virgil is presumably devoured by the Voice.


Later on, he was shown in one of Trellis's memories in the Nexus, where they were going over an old transmission of a fleet of alien ships being commanded by the Shadows. Virgil warns Trellis that the shadows have already arrived in Alledia, and have afflicted many elf officers, including the King. The Elf King then appears, and apprehends Virgil. Virgil tells Trellis that they are going to get rid of him and make him forget, and begs Trellis to try and remember as he is dragged off by guards.



Virgil is rather short in appearance, and often carries around with him a satchel. Like most elves, his hair is white and his skin is a palish grey. He wears a blue robe.


He is shown to be a warm, friendly, and caring uncle to the brothers. However, with regards to his brother, he shows concern that his brother speaks to his stone, and anger when he was dragged off for revealing the truth to Trellis. He is also very knowledgeable and frequents a library that holds many works from different periods.



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