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"This is what I get for listening to the toys of a madman."
—Vigo Light to Cecil

Vigo Light is a stonekeeper and a mentor to Emily. As a former member of the Guardian Council, he is a wise old-timer who has much experience and knowledge regarding the stone. As a boy, he trained under the Guardian Council and was the best in his class, along with Max Griffin.[1] In the years that followed, Vigo served as a teacher to young stonekeepers, before finally resigning his position. At some point in time, he married Miriam, and then the two conceived a son named Daniel. Both later died.[2] Before joining the Resistance and aiding in the battle against the Elf army, Vigo lived in a secluded shack overlooking the sea, where he spent many years.


Early Life[]

As a student[]

As a student, Vigo trained under the Guardian Council at The Academy and was the best in his class – along with a fellow student, Max Griffin. When Max Griffin threatened to kill a student in the Garden of Keepers after being bullied due to his connections with Layra, Vigo intercepted and prevented Max from doing any further harm to the bully. It was at this point the two formed a friendship, but it did not last long when Max was eventually tried and imprisoned for his aid in the escape of Layra's family, whom the Council regarded as "war criminals".

Later life[]

As a teacher[]

For years as an adult, Vigo maintained a career as a mentor to young stonekeepers. He eventually married Miriam and the two conceived a son they named David. When their son was only 10, Miriam passed away. After Vigo trained David for a few years, the boy attempted to resurrect his mother via the stone by accessing the Void, but instead dropped into a long coma. While Vigo sat at his bedside, he heard his son speaking to someone whom he intially thought to be Miriam, but later realized to be the stone's Voice. His son awoke briefly with a horrified expression, before passing away silently. Shortly afterward, Vigo resigned from his position at The Academy and spent the following years with his robot, Cecil, in a secluded shack that overlooked the ocean. 

After Emily's arrival[]

Meeting Miskit and Cogsley[]

Vigo appeared when Miskit and Cogsley were stranded on a Wyvern nest. He retrieved them via aircraft, where he offered them to stay at his home nearby. He revealed himself as a stonekeeper and told them that he once knew Silas Charnon personally. After their discussion, Vigo asked the robots if they wanted to leave. However, he later decided to join them before they took off, and the three traveled to Cielis just in time to aid Leon and Trellis in battle against the Guardian Council. When their opponents suddenly turned to stone, Vigo deduced that a stonekeeper had used their stone to animate the statues in order to give the illusion that they were alive. Since the soldiers shattered so quickly, Vigo also conluded that the keeper who had cast the illusion must have been far away. Cogsley told Vigo that Silas used to say that his distant spells rarely worked while underground. Vigo asked where Emily went and Leon told him that she went to The Academy – which, as it turned out, was also an illusion and Emily happened to actually be in the catacombs beneath the city. After Emily escaped the danger of The Academy, she and Vigo spoke on the rooftops about the war, before Vigo finally declared that a battle had begun.[3]


He is a very firm and wise man. He knows much of the stone and its abilities firsthand. As a result, he takes responsibility for mentoring Emily on her own stone. He is mostly serious and calm due to the given circumstances. He seems to have a slight distaste towards Trellis, as shown in The Last Council, where he behaves a bit gruffly to Trellis' ignorant inquiries about the void.


As a boy, Vigo was among the best in his class, next to Max Griffin. An experienced stonekeeper, he has demonstrated wisdom and knowledge in the use of his stone, and knows how to control and maintain its power. He is also shown to be a very strategic fighter. For this reason and his incredible skill, Vigo taught many of the young stonekeepers in The Academy. Like most stonekeepers, the power of his amulet include – though not limited to – firing energy blasts and telekinesis. His powers are also noticeably better developed than the younger stonekeepers, including Emily and Trellis.



  • Comparing the covers of Books Four and Five, Vigo no longer has major wrinkles under his eyes, and his beard has changed from dark grey to white.
  • This change in appearance is most likely due to lighting. His hair still remains grey in the fifth book.
  • Vigo was once a former guardian council member, but after Book Four, he became part of the Guardian Council along side Trellis and Emily.