Another update from Kazu Kibuishi. The author recently shared with us his progress on Book 6 via Twitter.

He explained yesterday:

"106 pgs thumb nailed, 96 pgs penciled, 66 pgs colored. Nearly the whole thing planned out. Just have to sit down and finish it."

The thumbnails of a comic are basically rought drafts of the final product. Most every cartoonist does this. Think storyboards. We have the layout, story, and characters already set up, so as Kazu said, all he pretty much has left is to finish it. Judging by the number of thumbnails, not all of the book has seen completion. The Amulet books usually amount to 200 or so pages?

Still, he's going at a pretty nice pace. I assume he's been slowed down a bit due to his recent move to Seattle. (Won't get to meet him anymore, since I still live down here in SoCal. *sniffle*) It's good to see that he's got most of the story planned out, though.