Tristan Hunter is the father of Alyson Hunter and a leader in the Resistance. He serves aboard the Firebrand, possibly because of his piloting experience, implied since he taught Alyson how to pilot a Silverhawk when she was 10.

History Edit

In Cielis, Tristan operated a restaurant with his wife and daughter.

Tristan first appeared in the series when Alyson brought Enzo, Rico and Leon to their restaurant. Then when a group of Cielis guards broke into his restaurant he recognized one of the men as a deceased friend known as Cole Duncan  though was able to distinguish it as one of the illusions cast by Max Griffin . He, along with his wife, were captured and thrown into Yarboro Prison, but were later freed by Alyson and Leon.

Later, Tristan lead the Resistance silverhawks during the Colossus Project. After the battle in the skies, Tristan contacted Alyson to ensure she had landed safely. Tristan ordered her and Navin to return to base in order to regroup. 



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