Trisha Spring was one of the graduates of the Colossus program and was chosen as captain of a Colossus suit along with Robert Joseph and Alyson Hunter.

Biography Edit

Escape From Lucien Edit

Trisha was chosen among 2 other students, Alyson Hunter and Robert Joseph, to fight alongside with their sister school. Trisha had squeezed Robert's ear as he kept going on about how he was captain when Trisha really was. Trisha and Alyson both rejected the Colossus' head in order for them to survive the fall as they didn't have enough time to open the parachute. Trisha, along with Alyson and Navin Hayes, did not get injured while Robert did during the rejection. They all were soon wandering the streets of the remaining Lucien.

Robert soon wandered off before getting possessed by a Dark scout  in which left Alyson, Navin and Trisha to fight. They soon were caught by Dark Scouts while Trisha knew what to do to wear them off (she shone a flashlight into their eyes) but claiming it to Aly as a lucky guess. After being discovered by Riva, they soon were off to the underground city of Lucien  that they entered by going down a manhole and jumping into a waterfall.

When having arrived in the underground Lucien, Trisha, Aly and Navin found themselves in an underground chamber where they had a lice scan. Quickly after realizing that Riva was the mayor of Lucien, they met Isaak Pil, Riva's most trusted adviser. Trisha also mentioned asking Riva if she was conspiring with the Elf King, but Riva proclaimed that the Elf King was dead, just like Prince Trellis stated. They soon encountered Balan and Doctor Weston, and all the others also in The Resistance . General Pil soon sensed Scouts pass the eastern gate. The town people of Lucien soon were panicking. Some escaped but others got captured and were possessed by Scouts, just like Robert did. While Navin and Aly took the challenge to help General Pil capture Scouts, Trisha took the most dangerous job - to send the signal to gather all of the Cielis military's forces.

Trisha was handed a map from Riva and she soon figured it out. She was chased by many Scouts, who seemed to be determined to stop her. She also mentioned that "Robert was trained for the job, not her." After finding the room, she discovered the map was ouyt of data cauding certain parts to be changed such as the location of a btridge bridge but improvised by swinging over the handrail, at the expense of dropping  her flashlight and map, though the code pad was in visible range and she sprinted for it.Just as she reached the pad however a Dark Scout caught her however Trisha struggled against it and managed to hit the last numbers of the code, activating the beacon. Unfortunately, Trisha was captured by the Scout and was last seen screaming as the Scout possessed her and dragged her away from the beacon.

She is presumed dead by Navin and her friends. It is later confirmed after her body is found near the end of the book.

Personality Edit

Trisha seemed to be hard and very serious about taking the recon mission to Lucien.

She seemed to care about her friends.

Trisha was also very focused and helped her friends stay on task during the recon mission.

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