Tremily is the combination of Emily+Trellis. There are little hints in the book, like the moment Trellis gets out of jail in The Last Council, he asks, “Where is Emily?!” Trellis was also curled up in a ball when they were arriving at Cielis with messy hair and everything. He must have cried himself to sleep because Emily wasn’t there! Also, When Trellis said, “I have to go back and help my people.” Then, Emily said, “What makes you not my people which is proof she wanted Trellis to stay. THIS IS JUST SIMPLE PROOF!!!!!!!!!!!There is a lot more, like why did Trellis want Emily to help to kill the elf king, if he could have done it himself, or at least tried to? I know that this ridiculous, but it’s true! I mean, Trellis always smiles when he sees Emily, but never when he sees Vigo, or Riva. Emily also wanted to go with Trellis into his memories, because she wanted to stay with him, and she would not allow Vigo to go, and Vigo didn’t really care. IT’S JUST SIMPLE LOGIC!!! But I’m thinking trellis likes Emily more than emily likes trellis I don’t know it’s just a book. I also want to add something that not everyone has noticed but in book six and seven, Trellis is very attentive to Emily, one example of this is book six, in the part where he helps her get on top of the giant Max had revived when they were about to have a ride. Trellis told Emily to give him her hand as she does so. This often gets ignored because the main focus in this scene is Vigo and Max having one of their little arguments while Trellis is helping Emily in the background. Another little scene is the part in book seven where Trellis and Emily are on earth as a part of a memory. There’s one point in which they get to a convenience store. In the first panel Trellis is the one opening the door to get inside the store. In the second panel it seems that Emily is the one entering the store first as Trellis walks behind her. This implies Trellis opened the door so Emily could walk in first. I personally find this super adorable and very kind of Trellis! Forgot to mention the part in book seven when the duo is traveling through the portals and Emily is reassuring Trellis, who is feeling doubtful about himself, this is very significant because compared to what op said about Emily not liking Trellis as much as he does, the fact that she is reassuring him that he has a purpose is powerful, as well as the time in book six where she did not wanted to leave Trellis behind because he could die to the point where they even had a little argument because of this. Feel free to add more to this small discussion if you seem to catch more of these little glimpses!

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