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"I would pay any price to fix the mistakes of my ancestors."
Trellis in Prince of the Elves

Elf Prince Trellis is the son of the Elf King and younger/little brother of Luger, as well as a Stonekeeper and successor to the throne of Gulfen. As a hero and one of the main deuteragonists of the series, he shifted from the former main antagonist to his current friend and former archenemy, Emily.

Believing his father is long dead and is under control by the Voice, his goal is to destroy the stone and prevent any further harm to his nation, Gulfen, and the rest of Alledia. Trellis' skills as a Stonekeeper lie in his ability to defend.

Having very few memories of his childhood, many crucial secrets are revealed when he recovered some of them in Book 7.

How Trellis got his left eye cut with his scar.



Trellis makes his appearance as a young man of a tall height and figure-build with straight, shoulder-length silver hair, radiant light-blue cat-like eyes, pale-gray skin, pointed ears, ivory fangs, and keen fingernails. He is known for his stitched, distinct scar on his left eye. He initially wears metallic dark-teal armor adorned with jagged tassels: pauldrons, cuirass featuring a matching scarf and gorget embellished with a light-blue charm, gauntlets, and knee-length boots over a matching bodysuit; making him resemble a knight. After it's destroyed, he exchanges it for a button-up baby-blue tunic layered over a long-sleeved pale-cyan shirt, a pair of dark-blue-teal pants under a pair of lace-up teal knee-length boots, and his hair has become neater and shorter. Eventually, he wears a deep blue sweater with a white, long, sleeveless coat, bandages wrapped around his arms. In Supernova, he gains a long-necked, elbow-length-sleeved cobalt-blue tunic layered under a button-up sleeveless white tabard and a pair of lace-up knee-length brown boots layered over a pair of navy-blue pants at the lower legs.

As a young child, his simple village garb depicts a blue-gray shirt under a button-up chestnut mini-tunic, a pair of slate tights, and caramel knee-length boots. with his hair trimmed with a straight-cut bob hairstyle with bangs, still lacking his scar.


Trellis is currently a strategic, levelheaded, and rather guarded young Elf. Suffering abuse and great mistreatment by his father and his own kind, he developed an antagonistic and cynical personality at an early age. Despite his initial moral ambiguity, Trellis has standards he refuses to cross, and he is genuine, well-meaning and determined in his goal on stopping his father.

Over time, other sides of his personality emerge as he is distanced from his abusive environment, and he develops better characteristics in turn. For his rather harsh looks, Trellis is revealed to be compassionate to his enemies and is quick to give second chances, probably due to the fact that the only reason he still lives on is because he was given a second chance. He is caring and brave, and also possesses a loyal and intelligent nature. Trellis also enjoys indulging in light hearted banter with his brother while playing Othello.


As a young elf, he used to live in poverty with his mother, located in a tundra. However, she passed away in her sleep, leaving Trellis abandoned. After an undetermined period and undisclosed events, he eventually ends up in the custody of his uncle Virgil and brother in a small elf village.

At some point in his life, the rest of the family moved into Valcor, and eventually starts his training in preparation to ascend the throne, with Virgil as one of his mentors. However, with every new lesson, Trellis becomes increasingly suspicious of his father and doubtful of the war and its cause, leading to great friction with the King. All of his investigation and discovery about the Voice all come to a head with his father having Virgil executed, and Gabilan wiping Trellis’s memories and be kept under mind control by Sybrian for years, destroying all information about the truth.

The Stonekeeper[]

"Once he's in your brain, you won't have to think anymore. No more worries."
—Trellis, being controlled by Sybrian

Trellis stalked the Hayes family in their ancestral home and was implied to be the one who got Karen captured by the Arachnopod to lure Emily Hayes into Alledia. From there, he followed the siblings out of their sight, even drawing the Arachnopod’s attention away from them. Their first encounter has Trellis about to attack the siblings with his stone, only to be temporarily stunned by a disguised Miskit, allowing them to escape to the Charnon house in the middle of the lake.

He is encountered again by Emily in a small clearing in the middle of the rain, intercepting the Arachnopod carrying Karen Hayes and ripping it in half to retrieve her. In response to Emily’s demands to release her mother, he strangles her with his magic and drags her closer to him in a show of intimidation. Misconceiving that he is after her Amulet as Miskit proclaimed earlier, she bargains for it in exchange for her and her family to be left alone. Trellis then reveals he was never after the amulet to begin with – but rather, Emily herself, and that there was prophecy that she would destroy the Elf King. Emily promises to leave the king alone, but this only amused Trellis, declaring that he wants to join forces with Emily to kill him and free Alledia from his iron grip. Despairing, Emily begs for him to leave them alone, displeasing Trellis, and attempts to coerce her into cooperating by having Sybrian possess her. However, she manages to destroy the parasite, coincidentally freeing Trellis from its control. Beaten, Trellis begs for mercy, as Emily prepares to kill him, goaded on by the Voice. Seeing his terrified face, Emily ceases her attack, ordering him run away and never bother them again instead. Trellis immediately consents, and runs away.

The Elf King's initial "greeting" to Trellis upon his return to Valcor.

The Stonekeeper's Curse[]

Following his failure to capture Emily and his destruction of the Arachnopod, Trellis is reluctantly delivered back to the Elf King where his act of interception is seen as treason. Due to his failure, as well as to prevent any further disobedience, the Elf King sends Luger to aid him in the mission. Trellis, clearly upset over this decision, voices out against this, questioning the King's trust in him. Ultimately however, Trellis cannot change his father's mind and has no other choice then to comply and leave the throne room.

Following this, Trellis begins to recall memories of his father and his past which until that time has remained strangely absent. The memories resurfaced due to Trellis no longer being under Sybrian's control. Spurred by this, Trellis sneaks up into his father's chambers at night to catch a glimpse of his face behind the mask, hoping it would bring back some more of his lost memories. In doing so, however, a shocked Trellis finds his father's features to be gaunt and grey, and his eyes glazed over – revealing that he was an animated corpse all along.

Eventually, Trellis and Luger arrive in Kanalis, knowing that Emily and her companions would be stopping there to find a cure for her mother. After bragging to Trellis about being the Elf King's more trusted advisor, Luger persists in sending out destructive orders, such as destroying a hospital while inhabited by patients. In response, Trellis questioned the necessity of but otherwise could ultimately do nothing to stop it.

Later, while tracking Emily, Miskit, and Leon Redbeard through a forest path to Demon's Head Mountain, Luger senses hesitance in Trellis and quickly orders the posse to halt. He throws Trellis to the ground and violently assaults him with a staff to incapacitate him, believing him to be a failure and a hindrance to the mission. Trellis recuperate and arrives just in time to intercept Luger with an attack before he could kill Emily. Scoffing, Luger asks him what made him think he could defeat him. Trellis reason that the King taught them both the same things about stonepower, but the former has a trick up his sleeve. Using his stone, Luger allows himself to lose control and transforms into a colossal beast. He knocks Trellis away from battle, but the interference bought Leon enough time to recover and help Emily, saving their lives. Trellis is then seen observing the retreating Charnon House before initiating pursuit.

The Cloud Searchers[]

"The King is nothing more than a walking corpse and whoever lived inside it killed my father. I want to destroy it before it causes more harm to the nation of Elves."
—Trellis, to Emily, as he begins to trust her

Following Luger's defeat by the Charnon House, Trellis locates him taking refuge in a cave, repeatedly bashing his already destroyed stone with a rock. Believing Trellis is here to finish him off, Trellis refutes this, opting to spare Luger. They then discuss the events that has transpired, Trellis points out Emily’s unusual ability to destroy a stone – an ability only the Elf King he has witnessed capable of doing. At the mention of the king, Luger breaks down in fear of his retaliation considering their failure, but Trellis affirms that neither of them are returning, accepting that they would be hunted ruthlessly and executed if caught before activating his communications stone.

Receiving news of the failure, the King demands their return, while Trellis futilely insists on bringing in Emily, promising his father her head. Promising punishment, the King once again orders Trellis to return to Valcor, but he crushes the communication stone, cutting him off for good.

Luger is horrified by Trellis’s actions; he counters this that they both would at least have a chance if they went on a run rather than following his father’s orders. He then explains his plans to go to a nearby town to give Luger clothes and food as he wraps a cloak around him, perplexing Luger with his compassion, prompting him to ask his reasons for helping him despite being a burden. He then admits to him he himself does not know, only that he has a feeling he has to. In turn, Luger thanks him.

Emily intercepts in Trellis' and Luger's capture.

The two of them ended up getting captured in the back alley of The Drinking Hole, the leader of the guards hunting for them demands Trellis’s reasons for treason. He cryptically retorts that the King is dead before attacking with his stone, only to end up subdued with electricity for his actions. His torture at the hands of the guards prompts Emily to act out of pity, defeating them and unfortunately attracting more unwanted attention. Despite Miskit’s suspicions, Leon opts to take the two along, and thus the group hastily escapes to the Luna Moth, pursued by an E-Mek. When the airship is attacked by missiles while it was about to set sail, Trellis stays outside to deflect them. However, the misdirected missiles destroyed the structures in the airship’s path, forcing Emily to destroy them.

Trellis enters the bunk as Karen expresses panic at the increasingly perilous events and Luger’s anxiety about Emily’s stone, preventing Luger from spilling more information. Karen snaps at his ungrateful attitude, yet Trellis coldly replies that Emily should have just left them alone. Luger tries to rectify the situation, and Karen jabs at Trellis that he should emulate his father, mistaking Luger as the latter, causing Trellis to walk out. Emily follows him outside, questioning about his motives for turning against the King, but he brushes her off, believing that involving her was a mistake. He then advises that she returns to Earth, knowing she was lying about the stone keeping her tied to Alledia.

Later, Trellis is revealed to be able to defend with incredible ease in comparison to Emily, who was struggling. Interrupting her training session with Leon, he then announces that Luger told him it’s lunch time. During the meal, Enzo voices his suspicions about Trellis once more, questioning on what he did to get on the King’s bad side. Trellis blows all of them off, once again enigmatically replying that his father is not who they think he is before walking out once more.

When Enzo suddenly sounds the alarm hours later, Trellis appears to seemingly restrain Karen as she was in the middle of retrieving laundry, prompting Emily to retaliate and yell at his actions. He then reveals he was actually protecting her from a Wyvern, which turns out to be true. The situation worsens when one of the wyverns damages an engine, forcing Cogsley to risk himself to fix it. Trellis volunteers to protect him as he works, but Emily, still wary, insists on doing it herself. After initial protests, he eventually relents, and instead opts to attack the wyverns instead to reduce the number of them reaching Cogsley, telling Emily to call for him if she needs his help.

Emily successfully protects Cogsley as the latter finishes fixing the engine. Now back to full power, Enzo starts to get the crew out of there. However, a wyvern snatches Miskit, and as he is connected to Cogsley, the duo are taken as said wyvern flies away. Emily, shocked, jumps off the ship to try and save them, expecting her stonepower to be able to support her. Unfortunately, it does not, and she is about to fall to her death when energy wraps around her and safely returns her to the airship, Trellis managing to save her in time.

Trellis speaks with Emily at Selina's Station.

When the crew makes a pit stop at Selina’s Station to refuel and to repair, trellis confronts Emily on her distrust towards him, only for Emily to retort that Trellis feels the same. He concedes, only telling Emily not to interfere the next time he tries to help, for her own sake. However, she interrupts his leave, offering an exchange of trust; and that he should start by explaining why he needs her help into defeating his father. After initial hesitation, Trellis consents, and exposes that his actions on Gondoa Mountain were seen as treason; motivated out of misaimed jealousy towards Emily, believing that his father wanted her as his replacement heir and intended to use her against him, only to eventually realize there are far more nefarious reasons behind the King’s intentions. Discovering his past memories being a blank slate except for a clear memory of his father’s face, it arouses Trellis’s suspicions and curiosity, he snuck into his father’s room to see his face again, hoping to unlock further memories, only to discover his father’s gaunt face – a face of a corpse.

Quickly deducing that whatever it is that is living within his corpse is responsible for his death, Trellis is determined to kill it before it causes further harm to Gulfen. Emily expresses doubt on their ability to do so, when Luger interrupts, advising that they must both work together to do so. He discloses that it is powerful dark magic that reanimated the King, as no stone is able to survive without its keeper. Trellis then interrupts, concerned that Luger may get sick from the cold. Emily demands why Trellis needs her help specifically, only for Trellis to reveal that it was his stone told him it had to be her.

Once they reached the beacon to Cielis, they completed the puzzle that activated it. They are then attacked by Gabilan, an assassin hired by the Elf King to eliminate them both, who is holding Emily's mother hostage. As the latter rants of his anger against the Council, Trellis tells Emily he can buy her at least ten seconds. Confused, she asks what he meant, he then reveals that he will protect her mother for a brief period of time, which will hopefully be enough to strike Gabilan down. Luger then provides the perfect distraction as he identifies the assassin as the culprit behind his erased memories, the latter then reveals that he was following orders from his father, the Elf King. With Luger and Trellis stunned at the fact that they're actually related, Gabilan then boasts that he has done a better job than he thought since Luger couldn't remember that fact. Undeterred, Trellis then immediately protects Karen, catching Gabilan off guard as Emily immediately strikes him down as planned, but was unable to do much damage. Ordering the rest to stay out of danger and to leave the situation to him and Emily, the duo then prepare for a battle against Gabilan.

However, the bounty hunter reveals more tricks up his sleeve, unsheathing a sword and folding shield, which can absorb and release the energy attacks from amulets. When Trellis is blasted out of the Beacon Temple after getting hit by his own deflected energy, he nearly falls to his death, but manages to grab a withered plant. As he struggles to get back into the fight and lift himself from his predicament, an unknown person stands in front of him, and Trellis looks up to him in confusion before getting punched in the face.

He is then shown to be subdued by the Cielis Guard but was demanded by Emily for them to be released, to his relief. He is then last seen gently guiding Luger to the airship, with a pensive and worried expression on his face.

The Last Council[]

Arriving at Cielis, Trellis is subdued by a stonekeeper collar, negating his stone’s powers, and still ended up in the Cielis’ Guards custody alongside Luger, as they are not only elves, but he is the son of the Elf King.

As they fly into the city on dropships, Trellis notices that their own dropship took a different route, and brings it up to the Lieutenant Duncan, only to be coldly dismissed and threatened. They are then taken to Yarboro Prison, to be greeted by a cruel Warden that expresses his pleasure at Trellis’s capture, as the elves killed many of his people during the war. They are then imprisoned on cell-block door, the Warden promising punishment if Trellis ever steps out of line. Once they got out of hearing range, Trellis notes they could easily escape if he didn’t have his collar on. Luger glumly comments that the only they could only do was to wait for the King to arrive and kill them, only for Trellis to reply that they may not need to wait for long, alarming him. Trellis then points out the fear and hostility within the city, and he believes that it will fall before the King could arrive.

A few days later, Alyson Hunter and Leon break them both out of prison, and Trellis asks for Emily’s whereabouts. Leon explains that she is at the Stonekeeper Academy, and Luger discloses that Trellis’s suspicions about the King being behind all the questionable events; Trellis sneers that he can sense that his father is nearby.

Before they could fully escape the prison, they are intercepted by the Warden and his guards. Trellis is skeptical if they could take all of them, but Leon insists on following his lead, only to get shoved back. Trellis then offers his assistance, and this time Leon, succeeds in defeating the Warden, only to be revealed he was made of stone. They both ended up surrounded and was saved by the timely arrival of former Guardian, Vigo Light, who destroys the rest.

Later, Trellis accompanies Vigo Light into the Academy in search of Emily, able to encounter Max Griffin with two of his puppets that was also destroyed by Vigo. However, Max manages to knock Vigo down, giving him time to reach a rope ladder from an airship. Trellis tries to attack him, only to be deflected, and Max ends up escaping with the Mother Stone. Trellis asks Vigo on the identity of the stonekeeper, only for Vigo reply “a ghost of an old friend”.

Prince of the Elves[]

"Just promise me you will remember all of this. Remember that you come from a good family, and the shortcomings of my generation should not extend unto yours. Makes us proud, Trellis."
—Virgil to Trellis, encouraging him to do the right thing.

Trellis navigates an autumn clearing, sword drawn and on the lookout. A mysterious Elven boy, catches his attention, distracting him long enough for Emily to suddenly get the jump on him and beat him. She berates him on his poor performance, noting they wouldn’t stand a chance against the Elf King. Trellis brushes her off,

Escape From Lucien[]

"The sky will begin to fall, and a son will rise again. Get to know the son well."
—Father Charles foretelling Trellis's coming to Riva Ash

Chronos lands the stonekeepers on a structure within Gulfen. As they get off, Emily asks where they are, Vigo answers that they are in Valcor, the Kingdom of the Elves; specifically, the Temple of Kings. Max then has a casual exchange with Vigo, revealing that this is where the new kings are crowned and where the old kings are laid to rest when they die, buried beside the past monarchs. Hearing loud rumbles, a startled Trellis asks what it was as Max realizes it was the Voice, and sure enough, he appears among the many statues of the former kings.

The Voice and Max have a hostile interaction disguised poorly with casual talk and sure enough, the stonekeeper was no match for the being as he got attacked. Emily interferes, and the Voice complies, letting Max go. However, he spoke to him on his motivations of his revenge and ruthless actions, proving his point by summoning Layra Janus and her family, who reject Max for what he had done.

In despair, Max demands the Voice to release his curse on him, with the latter complying. His body then starts to age, rapidly decaying and withering. He asks if this was it, as the Voice explains that he will finally return to his true state, as if he had not interfered on the day he was supposed to die, and suggests that if he has any last words, he must say them now. Emily calls out to Max, ordering him to clear his head as she holds his aged body upright. Now with the appearance of an elderly, he managed to whisper 'Algos' before collapsing to the floor. Hearing it, she kneels down to ask him. Skin now sticking to his skull, he repeats 'Algos Island' fully, telling them it was for Trellis, and that they must find the 'island'. With his skeleton having little life left, Trellis sets aside his grudge and took Max's hands, asking him what is on the island. Yet instead of answering, Max begs Trellis to forgive his people, as they do not 'know'. Confused, his last question to the false prince was to ask what did they (the elves) not know. With Max's last vestiges of life, he reveals that Trellis is the "King." The light in his eyes fades and with one last shudder, he collapses on Trellis's feet, dead.

Unperturbed, the Voice tells them that Max was a good helper yet his loss is their gain, calling them friends. Emily denies this "friendship," telling him they are not his servants. This makes one of the Temple's statues break and collapse, although the three manage to dodge the falling rubble. The Voice then announces that the ship they are on is starting to break apart and collapse, since Max, whose powers were keeping the ship together, is dead. The Voice does what he can to keep the ship from falling, yet he cannot hold it for long. She demands to know why he is helping them, with the latter ominously replying that he liked to take care of his investments. He then orders them to stay alive and they all wake up from the Void.

Vigo tells them they must find the escape pod, yet Trellis instructs them to go on without him as he must stay behind to save the elves and they must stay alive to help their people. Emily questions what makes him not her "people." He simply waves this off, telling her that she knows what he means. Unwilling to leave him behind, she asks him if he has a plan as the room proceeds to have larger cracks. He relays his intention to group the elves in the landing bay and shield them all from the impact, as he had done it before. Enraged, Emily yells at him that the last time he did that was just the three of them, and with a much larger group of people, the amount of energy needed to execute the plan will kill him. Vigo chimes in, agreeing, and states that it will need all three of their stones. He then breaks out the problem; with the elves' trepidation towards them, he questions Trellis how he would get them to listen. With quick-thinking, Trellis tells him they would get some help from a fourth, looking at Max's stoned remains.

The Guardian Council emerges from the room, sparking outrage throughout the crowd as they see Max’s stoned remains. Trellis then lifts Max's petrified, decapitated head; he orders them to take a good look and announces that their 'false prince' was dead all along, just like their King. He then gives them a choice: if they intend to live and help restore order into their kingdom, he pleads them stay and follow him, their prince. Outside, the tail and wing have exploded, causing more panic among the soldiers. One infantryman angrily yells that if they stay, they would surely die before telling everyone to go the escape pods. However, a soldier informs him there is only on aboard the ship. He then selfishly declares that it is his, before running through the crowd to reach it. Another soldier agrees that if they stayed, they will die. Trellis then challenges him, telling him if he believes that, he should go. The soldiers decide to remain, but ask how they will survive. Trellis turns to Emily, asking her whether she is ready. They proceed to jump off from the balcony, Trellis sending his energy throughout the floor before combining it with Emily and Vigo's.

Down below, Riva Ash, the Resistance, and the citizens of Lucien witness the ship's destruction and a bright sphere shooting out of it and landing with an immense impact several kilometers from their position. Remembering Father Charles's prophecy, Riva instructs the rest to keep moving and assures them that she will catch up soon. Dr. Weston tries to protest, reasoning that she mustn't go alone. Yet she still ran towards the impact, recalling the lines and wondering if this is what the Elder tree meant. She arrives just in time to see the last vestiges of the barrier fade, revealing stunned soldiers with the Guardian Council unharmed at the center. Intrigued, she presses on forward. Asking one coughing soldier what had happened, a guard dazedly answered her that he saved them, prompting Riva to ask who. The coughing soldier answered it was the Prince, she immediately whips her head towards him, who is holding an elderly soldier upright. She then finally realizes the true meaning of the prophecy, and that it wasn't Navin but Trellis who would be the son to "rise again."

Taking notice of her, he asks her for assistance to treat the injured as she looks like a medic. An embarrassed Riva hurriedly explains that she isn't a medic but rather a mayor. He tells her that there are a lot of injured on the ground and that they could use some help down there. Understanding the gravity of the situation, she then tells him that she will get people there immediately, addressing him respectfully as 'highness'. Trellis expresses a bit of surprise at the title. Riva tells him he is the prince ("You are the prince. Are you not?"), a bit unsure and puzzled. Giving her a rare, small smile, he politely requests Riva to just call him Trellis.

The next day, the Guardian Council along with Luger, Cogsley, and Dagno accompany Trellis to the Luna Moth, intending to continue the mission without any of their overseers. Riva, Balan, and Doctor Weston observe the departing group, with Balan questioning Riva about what she and the elf (Trellis) talked about. The mayor admits it wasn't much, but she has a feeling she hasn't seen the last of him, implying they would meet again.


"It's my fault. She saved my life, and I couldn't even do the same for her."
—Trellis, expressing his guilt to Vigo

Trellis reappears in Firelight reading a book on finding memories, as he guessed that what Max intended for them to find on Algos Island. When Enzo declares that he'll own half of whatever is on the island, the former informs him that they aren't searching for treasure but rather, memories. As the dead stonekeeper knew Trellis's memories was stolen when he was younger, and believing those memories contain information that could bring down the Elf King, they decided that finding Algos Island is their best chance.

As The Luna Moth discovers an abandoned supply station, the Guardian Council decides to investigate it, finding skeletal corpses and destroyed stores. Vigo states his confusion, wondering why the resources weren't looted. A bit disgusted at Vigo's assumption that Elves were the ones who've ransacked the station, Trellis disputes that elves would've taken prisoners, and as evidenced by the corpses, whoever the culprit may be, didn't leave anyone alive. Hearing a noise, Emily and Trellis approaches it, only to come across a frightened old man. Terrified, the man tells them that they stonekeepers are the ones who is supposed to protect them, instead of the opposite, and asks them if they were going to kill him too. Unnerved, Emily tells him that she's here to help. To their surprise, the man tells them that they are already too late and disperses into light. Another woman appears, commenting that they look hungry and offers them a bowl of soup free of charge before the same happens to her. The group finds themselves in a sea of visions before Trellis wonders to Vigo why they are seeing memories as that the structure is not made by stonekeepers, so therefore should not contain any magic. Vigo responds that he, in truth, does not know how they are seeing these memories as well, and believes it is likely they are near Algos Island. Emily approaches a wall and tells the two that Algos Island is not an actual island, which is why they couldn't find it. She reveals that the supply station is Algos Island itself.

Upon exiting the station, they find Rico and Enzo holding Gabilan prisoner. They say they found him snooping around the ship. Emily demands to know how to find the memories he has taken. Gabilan confesses that they are in the Cortex and that the only way to find them is if he takes them there. Since there is only room in the submarine for three people, Emily decides that only she and Trellis would go with Gabilan, leaving Vigo behind since his history with Max makes him vulnerable and the others need him more than they do. As Trellis proceeds to the sub, Vigo instructs him to return as soon as possible, with Cogsley informing him that a storm is underway. Trellis tells Vigo that if they do not return, the crew should reconvene on Cielis and wait for them there. The latter then asks how he would inform them if something goes wrong, to which Trellis confidently replies that he'll find a way. As Gabilan welcomes the elf aboard with the title of prince, he simply snaps to just call him by Trellis. Thus, they proceed to the Cortex, which is hidden underwater.

While Emily rests in the sub, Gabilan comments that dreamspace is a dangerous place for stonekeepers, Trellis protests that it will be worst if they don't sleep. He then insists on letting her rest, as she is going to need it, unknowingly letting Emily slip further to a trap. By the time she wakes up, Gabilan explains his past, his motivations, as well as the happenings on Algos Island. Trellis then realizes that the assassin believes that they will become monsters, to which Gabilan shoots back that history shows that they will both lose and are being manipulated as they speak; the only thing they can do is to stand in the way of those plans. When they arrive at the Cortex, Trellis notes that the ship is a size of a city, to which Gabilan believes it is a seed for the 'city', as everything a new city needs is contained within the dome. Amazed by the advanced technology that allows them to breathe and provide them with dry spaces to walk on, Gabilan then orders them not to touch any of the memory cubes. As they proceed to the Nexus to view it, Emily took notice of Trellis who seemed troubled, he then tells her that he thinks they're being followed. Gabilan then notifies them that once they enter the Nexus, shadows will know where they are and they must be quick into viewing the memories; as stonekeepers can only access them while he can only view, he willingly stays behind to buy them time. Trellis then tells Emily to stay close as they proceed into the memory.

They enter the Nexus and find themselves within the walls of the King's palace in Valcor. Emily recognizes a young elf speaking to the King as a younger Trellis; the current one confirms that her assumption is correct. The younger Trellis argues with his father over his shift in interest to history rather than military tactics. His father forbids him from going to see his uncle Virgil, who encourages the shift. Trellis disobeys his father's orders and continues his studies with Virgil within the palace library. Emily and Trellis are then transported to the library, where he discloses that the library was his sanctuary as a child, remembering that he spent a lot of time in there. Virgil shows his young nephew that an alien planet is dying and the inhabitants are fleeing to Alledia. It is revealed that the inhabitants are the shadows who have infected the officers and the King. Trellis's father emerges and reprimands Trellis for disobeying and tells him he can no longer trust him, not without adjustment. Young Trellis is forced to watch as his uncle is arrested and is told by his uncle to try to remember, no matter what may happen.

The King approaches young Trellis and introduces him to Sybrian, as his new guide to the world. Trellis recoils from the creature and shouts for his father to get it away from him. The king promptly strikes Trellis across the face, his sharp nails cutting the skin and revealing how Trellis got his scar. His father tells him that he will obey him whether or not he is willing and to be grateful that he is worth more alive than dead. Trellis, visibly upset, tells Emily he has seen enough. Emily tries to console him by saying they don't need to worry about the King and that the real enemy is the Voice, trying to use them to prepare for the ships' arrival. Skeptical, he tells her that they don't know if the Voice isn't succeeding, and that everything they've done seem to work towards to his advantage, lamenting their lack of control. Reading between the lines, Emily reveals that the Voice commanded her to destroy him and yet managed to push back to spare Trellis. She then denounces his fears by firmly telling he wasn't here because of the Voice; he was here because of Emily. Yet doubts remain, as he tells her that he hopes she made the right decision in sparing him. They then enter to an orange portal to exit.

They leave through the orange portal and find themselves within a maze-like structure in what seems like Valcor. Trellis says it looks like Valcor, but that the reliefs on the walls are written in a language he does not recognize. They come across statues of the King and Max raised up on pedestals; he points out that they look like chess pieces. Emily calls Trellis's attention to three portals: one orange, one blue and one purple. Trellis says that they should take the orange portal as they came in through an similar one. Emily says they should take the blue one as she, unbeknownst to Trellis, sees the figure of her father within it. Trellis asks what makes her so sure that portal is the exit but she shrugs it off and answers that she just knows. She attempts to run into the portal while Trellis tries to stop her, insisting that it is not the exit. She warns him not to tell her what to do with sudden hostility. This does not deter Trellis, who insists that it is not the exit and they don't know where it goes. Emily then declares that she is going into it, whether he is coming or not, and runs into the portal, Trellis calls after her and begrudgingly follows in panic.

They wake up in a closet in an unknown person's home. Trellis asks if she knows who the person is but Emily denies ever seeing him before. As the person leaves, Emily wonders out loud if they should follow him; they are then instantly transported into the man's car. Emily realizes that she and Trellis are on Earth, though he denies it being his memory. He concludes that the memory belongs to the mystery man. They are taken to a gas station store and follow the man inside. While Emily reads a magazine and ponders how long she's been away from earth, Trellis is addressed by the cashier who announces "check," as if in a chess game. Trellis becomes confused and unnerved as the cashier explains that it's his move now. Before Trellis can respond, Emily calls Trellis away as the unknown man leaves. They follow him outside as the man drives away, Emily futilely trying to call the man back. He wonders what happens if they are not with the person who owns the memory. Emily concludes that they will find out soon enough and instantly the void space begins to close up on them. Trellis shouts for them to run but both are quickly overtaken by the void space. They awaken within the car, Emily realizing they can't leave the man's side, with Trellis reasoning as it is his memory, they must go where he goes; she then ponders why him.

Trellis quickly notices that the man is weeping and warns Emily that something is wrong. Emily quickly tells him to put his seat belt on but Trellis, confused, asks her what that is. Emily is a bit surprised but tells him to pull it over his chest, to which he hesitantly complies. As they exit a tunnel Emily recognizes the cliff side road and the town below. She alerts Trellis that she knows where they are, that they are near her home before she moved into Silas's house. It dawns on Trellis that the memory is a trap and that the Voice is setting something up. Emily assures him that she can handle whatever comes their way.

The car turns sharply around a corner, dangerously fast to be going on a mountain road. Trellis, stunned and confounded, demands what he is doing and Emily realizes that they are about to crash. The pair braces themselves as the man rams his car into the guard rails that keeps them from going over the cliff. The car skids to the side upon impact, sending glass everywhere. Emily asks if Trellis he is OK to which he slowly replies that they need to find a way out of the nightmare they're in. The man cries about how he can't do anything right, sobbing against the steering wheel. It dawns on Emily that the man was attempting suicide and tried to drive over the edge on purpose.

The man stumbles out of the car, staggering out onto the road. Emily exclaims that he's going to cause another wreck, Trellis looking on, stunned, as the man attempts to kill himself by getting run over. Whispering that no one will stop for him, that no one cares, he braces himself for the car coming towards him. As the car swerves to avoid the man, Emily catches a glimpse of her ten year old self in the backseat. Her family's car breaks though the damaged guard rail and rolls down, slamming into a tree overhanging the cliff. She realizes that the man who they've been following is responsible for her family's accident that killed her father.

As the man watches the destruction that he caused, Emily runs and screams for him to help her family. The man cannot hear her as he is merely a memory and instead he runs in the opposite direction. Emily screams after him, saying that it is all his fault and running down the cliff to save her father. Trellis runs out after her, calling her name but to no avail as she continues running. Using her amulet, Emily uses a tendril of energy to catch the slipping car and save her father's life. Upon seeing his daughter, David gets out of the totaled car and embraces Emily, who starts to cry, thanking her for saving his life. David asks if she had seen who caused the accident and Emily points out where he went. Before the two can set off, Trellis catches up with them and horrified, demands to know what she's doing. Eyes glowing, Emily warns him to leave her alone. Trellis desperately tries to reason with her, telling her that she is getting too involved and they need to get out of the memory. Frustrated and angry, Emily blasts a wave of fire instead of the usual energy at Trellis, who is unable to raise a barrier in time yet only manages to burn his sleeve. She warns him one last time to leave her alone and departs with her father. The younger Emily, who was watching the whole time, requests Trellis to go wake herself up. Trellis promises he will do his best and pursues her as the younger Emily and Karen dissipate.

As Emily and David Hayes chase him down, the man begins to cry and beg them to leave him alone as he had done everything 'he' asked. Emily is puzzled and the man clarifies that he wasn't talking to her and points to her father. David dismisses the man's claims and assures his daughter that the man is insane. He then pushes her to make things right and destroy the man, saying everything is his fault and she must make him pay.

Trellis arrives and calls out for Emily to stop, begging her not do it. She finally snaps out of her rage and tries to regain control. She realizes it is too late for her and with her last shred of control orders Trellis, as he looks upon her in horror, to find her family and bring her back. She screams in agony and her entire body engulfs in fire. She stares at her hands in terror as her form shifts into a firebird. Trellis shouts out her name as a last attempt to get her back. He turns on David, demanding to know who he is as because he knows that this man is not Emily's father. "David" merely responds that Trellis should really be asking what he is and shifts his form to reveal that he is in reality, the Voice.

The Voice answers that both of them are servants to the shadows, Trellis denying and saying he serves the elves as their king. The Voice asks him how he can serve the elves if he is dead. The Voice turns to the Firebird and pets her head, narrating about how the elves found their future king at the bottom of the ocean and were surprised to find him burnt to a crisp. Turning back with the Firebird glaring behind him, the Voice asks Trellis how was it possible. Trellis breaks into a sprint, with the Firebird on his heels. Knowing he cannot outrun her, Trellis tries to reason with Emily and asks her how will he reverse the curse and how he needs her to tell him. The Firebird merely shoots a wave of fire at him, Trellis blocking her attack with a barrier. Out of the corner of his eye, Trellis spots the exit and escapes.

Upon emerging, Trellis is shocked to find the entire room filled with water, sinking for a moment before coming back up and shouting for Gabilan to close the portal. He is too late as the Firebird emerges behind him. Trellis shouts for Gabilan not to shoot her, that the Firebird is Emily. Gabilan responds ominously that that creature is not Emily anymore and fires his weapon at her, but it holds no effect. The pair dive underwater to avoid a blast of fire. As they swim away, Trellis constantly looks back at her. The Firebird bursts out of the Nexus and blast through the dome, allowing more water in as she escapes.

Trellis notes that the water is moving too fast and the sub will be flooded, offering to use his stone to make an air bubble and help them escape. Gabilan declines and says he will not allow stone magic to save his life. Trellis is appalled and demands that he needs to choose to live and that he will need his help. Gabilan hands him a memory cube and tells him it might come in handy. Gabilan insists that he must stay behind and make sure the other memories are not taken, as he can find a way out of the Cortex. Trellis takes a deep breath and forms a bubble shield. As the bubble shield floats out of the dome, Trellis observes the Cortex below for signs of Gabilan being able to escape. However to his horror, the dome suddenly explodes and the shock wave pushes him back further. As Trellis watches the destruction of the dome, he hopes that Gabilan made it out.

Trellis soon reaches the surface and flags down the Luna Moth. When he is rescued, Vigo asks Trellis if the Firebird was Emily. Trellis confirms this and Vigo asks if Gabilan sabotaged them. Trellis denies that Gabilan had any part in it and actually saved his life. Trellis tells him that it was his fault, filled with guilt, that Emily had saved him and he couldn't do the same. The book closes out as Trellis inspects the cube, deep in thought.


The book starts with Trellis traversing in the middle of a snowy range, when he notices a cloaked elderly woman holding a lamp in the distance. As they stand in front of the other, the woman inquires if he would mind if she joins him. Flustered, Trellis admits he doesn't know where he is going, prompting the woman to gently tell him that it was fine, and that sometimes it took getting a little lost to recognize a familiar path; thus, they start to walk together. Something catches Trellis's eye, and he suddenly asks the woman to stop. It it revealed to be a small house, seemingly abandoned, but Trellis tells her that he knows the house. The woman thinks it strange as she has not encountered the house when she had walked that way, and warns Trellis that they must proceed with caution.

Trellis then enters the house, instantly noticing an Elven mother and child huddled together in bed. Presuming they are dead, he notes with a remorseful tone that they were both starving and freezing, believing it is either of it that killed them. However, the boy is revealed to be alive and has just woken up, shocking Trellis who quickly asks if the boy is alright while he sat up and rubbed his eyes. Within a moment, he then recognizes the child as himself, to his great disturbance. With the realization dawning on him, he then realizes that the woman on the bed is actually his mother, while his younger self tries to call to her to wake up, she does not. The woman gently places a hand on his shoulder to comfort, a sympathetic look on her face as he processes his devastation.

Trellis tells her that he finally knows why the King wanted Gabilan to erase the memory, prompting the woman to ask if he is angry as she wraps a red scarf around his younger self's throat. He quietly tells her that he isn't, but admits he doesn't have any prior memories of his mother and he wished that he did. The woman then kindly wishes him that she is sure that he will find some to cherish. Then, all three of them set out to the snowy ranges. The woman advises Trellis that he has stayed in the lost memory long enough, and suggests that he return to his friends. Trellis confesses to her that he has a feeling that she isn't a part of the memory, but a traveler like he. He then asks if he would see her again, to which she replies that it would be sooner than he thinks. With a small, knowing smile, she then tells him to "hold on tight" as he disperses out of the memory involuntarily.

Trellis sits up in a tent, gasping for air. He apprehensively stare at the memory cube, unnerved by the events but eventually calms down. Observing one last time, he then closes his eyes in concentration to disperse and store the cube in a different dimension, he then allows himself to let his face crumble, showing he is greatly upset by what had happened. The tent then opens as a pig soldier informs him that the Elf Army has now made landfall.

Trellis and some soldiers go to fight the elves, who are being led by Logi. However, Logi and the elves surprisingly surrender. Later, Trellis is invited to a party in his honour by the mayor of Ippo. Trellis declines, but Riva suggests he should go due to all the people of Ippo have done for them. Vigo tells Trellis he’ll keep an eye on Logi.

Trellis goes to the party, running into some of his fans there, a kid named Jos and his father, Matt. They appear to have the animal-curse. Later,Trellis hears an explosion and runs towards it. It turns out the explosion is Logi releasing the Firebird. Vigo and Trellis try to stop and save Emily, and the fight moves Into the house of Jos and Matt. Matt becomes trapped under some boards, and then Jos tries to save him. In the end, the Firebird lifts the boards off Matt because she is reminded of what happened to David Hayes, her father, all those years ago.

Emily flies away. Trellis suggests to Vigo that they should go into the Void to find and save Emily However, Vigo says they should go to Cielis. At Cielis, Trellis meets up with Emily, who’s escaped the void and defeated the elf king. Emily flies up to Typhon, leaving Trellis in Cielis.

Powers and Abilities[]

While Emily is an expert at attacking, Trellis is an expert at defending. His barriers are capable of withstanding incredibly powerful impacts and even extreme pressure with ease (such as being deep underwater). He has easily defended himself with just a minor barrier when a transformed Emily attacked him with a wave of fire, which such form is a stonekeeper's full power. While much less experienced than Luger, Trellis seems to be acceptably skilled in managing his stone. He is shown to have some degree of skill with a sword, and is surprisingly stealthy.


Emily Hayes: Trellis and Emily have grown to be close friends despite their initial antagonistic relationship. After getting over their trepidation and distrust, they have come to rely, care, and work with each other, eventually trusting the other with their far more vulnerable side they usually keep out of sight. Emily believes that Trellis helps people better than her with his powers and a competent Stonekeeper, having full faith in him as a friend and ally, deeming him pretty reliable in dire situations, as she assigned the task of bringing her back and finding her family unto him. Their friendship is shaken when Emily ruthlessly attacks Trellis and threatens to kill him when he tries to interfere and help her during Firelight. Despite this though, Trellis still holds deep admiration for her.

Elf King: Trellis hated the King for a long time, a resentment originating from the violence he enacted upon Trellis and his subjects, leading his people into war against all of Alledia, and having him be possessed by Sybrian (Dark Scout/Shadow). However, in time he came to realize that it was not his own Father's doings, but rather The Voice, which had killed and re-animated his Father's body.

Virgil: Was shown to be Trellis's closest relative, with Virgil being both knowledgeable and kind to the brothers. He served as the only parental figure to Trellis in substitute of his father, guiding him and teaching him many things. Virgil had full faith in Trellis, entrusting him with the most crucial secret about the shadows, even when it cost Virgil his life.

Luger: Is Trellis's elder brother, favored by the King. Although initially, both hold animosity towards each other for differing sides of the coin, this is due to the fact they are unaware they are related. After Luger's reformation, and being freed from his stone's curse, they grew closer, even openly calling each other "brother." Trellis cares for Luger and Luger gives him advice as some form of a mentor. They were seen in Book Six playing a game of Othello and exchanging witty comments as some sort of confirmation of their bond.

Navin: As one of the few characters that does not hold a prejudice towards Elves and considered him a friend amidst wary companions, Trellis is quite fond of Navin and holds his piloting skills at a high regard. Such as protesting that unlike other 'children' in his class, he actually has experience and the only one with expertise, ignoring the fact that Navin is a child himself.

Max Griffin: Trellis harbored a fairly apparent hate for Max for the entirety of their relationship. He resented Max for attempting to steal his place and disrespecting his people. Trellis is known to have struck Max in the face in Escape from Lucien, which is quite out of character for the predominantly docile Elf Prince. It was clear Max annoyed him deeply, causing him to, in some cases, lose sight of his normally pacifist behavior.

Riva: Not much has been shown of their relationship, but they seem to have a mutual respect for each other. Riva seems to be supportive of Trellis as well. It's implied that Riva has feelings for him.

Vigo: Vigo and Trellis both hold a mutual respect for each other, and trust one another.



  • There are striking similarities between Trellis and Zuko from the Nickelodeon animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Similarly, both characters have poor relationships with their respective fathers and were eventually banished due to what was seen as rebellious behavior. Also, their redemption arcs, funnily enough, happen in Book 2 and 3 of their series. Additionally, the two characters show great contempt for their nations' barbaric methods of war, and both also have scars on the left-hand side of their face caused by their fathers. Both were or are close to their uncles.
  • A "trellis" is a structure of latticework.
  • There are numerous times where Kazu has forgotten Trellis's iconic scar. Book Four has the most panels with the Elf Prince scar-free.
  • Before Alledian History, Trellis's initial interest from his education was War tactics.
  • There were some implications throughout Book 6 till 7 that Trellis may actually be the true 'hero' of the prophecy instead of Emily, although this is yet to be disputed or confirmed.
  • Trellis does not know what a seat belt is.
"I would pay any price to fix the mistakes of my ancestors."
—Trellis in Prince of the Elves

"Once he's inside your head, you won't have to think anymore. No more worries. No more fears."
—Trellis says to Emily, being controlled by Sybrian.

"The King is nothing more than a walking corpse and whoever lived inside it killed my father. I want to destroy it before it causes more harm to the nation of elves."
—Trellis to Emily, starting to trust her.

"The sky will begin to fall, and a son will rise again. Get to know the son well."
—Father Charles foretelling Trellis's coming to Riva.

"It was my fault. I failed Emily. She saved me when I was in trouble, and I couldn't even do the same for her."
—Trellis, expressing his guilt to Vigo.