The Void is an alternate spectrum of reality that can be accessed through an individual's stone. Stonekeepers  can channel memories of the past, gain information and even alter the past but not without consequences. There are various dangers that can be confronted in the Void. It is known that in the Void, stonekeepers will be under the influence of the Voice. They either lose control to the stone, or die inside the Void and dying inside also means you perish from the physical world and turn to stone.


The first direct mention of the Void was in The Last Council where it was perceived as a world simulation student stonekeepers were sent to be tested. However in Prince of the Elves, Vigo Light disproved the idea of a simulation stating that the Void was a place where Stonekeepers could view memories and communicate with each other though the previous notion of danger was still true as stonekeepers could still perish in it.

Notable eventsEdit

Silas Charnon, a renowned stonekeeper, taught many students how to access The Void – however, without truly knowing the consequences. As a result, some students perished.

Vigo Light, Vigo Light's son, Daniel, accessed The Void in an attempt to resurrect his mother, but died a brief moment after waking up from the Void.

Emily accessed The Void on and off, in which she encountered the Voice – many times, speaking to it regarding matters related to the war. Later, she was trapped within her stone in the void, and turned into a firebird in the real world.

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