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The Stonekeeper is the first installment in the Amulet series. The book was published by Scholastic on January 1, 2008.


The Stonekeeper
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Author Kazu Kibuishi
Publisher Scholastic
Publication Date January 1, 2008
Number of Pages 192
Series Guide
The Stonekeeper's Curse

After David Hayes died in a car accident, his widow, Karen, and their children, Emily and Navin, move to a house in the little town of Norlen near Tehachapi, California. As Karen hopes that a new location will help them reboot their lives. The house, which has been in her family for years, is large and needs care and attention. As they clean the house, Emily finds a strange amulet in the library where her great-grandfather, Silas Charnon, worked, and puts it on. That night, hearing strange noises, Karen goes to the basement and is kidnapped by a monstrous arachnopod. Emily and Navin follow them into another world to save her. They are pursued by a mysterious elf but are rescued by a rabbit-like robot called Miskit. Miskit brings them to Silas' house, and they meet his other robots Cogsley, Morrie, and Bottle. Emily talks to Silas, who dies soon afterward. Emily is spoken to by a voice of the amulet, which tells her to accept the powers of the amulet and become a stonekeeper in order to save their mother, and Emily accepts, despite Navin's disagreement. They then hunt down the arachnopod in a plane with Navin as the pilot, and Emily using her stone as defense when Miskit's gun fails because it was a vitamin gun. They fail to rescue Karen at first, but the mysterious elf reappears and kills the arachnopod, freeing Karen from the corpse. Emily and the elf struggle and Emily uses the stone to overwhelm the elf, Trellis. Karen is poisoned by the arachnopod and the house transforms into a walking robot to find a cure.