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The Resistance is a loose organization of freedom fighters and rebels from around the galaxy that have come together to fight the looming threat of the shadow creatures and Ikol. The faction is made up of various species of peoples from different backgrounds. Though, the members all have one thing in common: they are victims of the shadow creatures.


The Resistance was formed some time before the war began and its members were mostly powerful Stonekeepers. When four young stonekeepers lost control of their given powers and began to destroy villages, the Resistance combated them and destroyed all except for one – a young elven boy, who was detained in hopes of curing him of his state. However, with aid of his stone, the boy escaped, destroying the prison he was kept in. He later went on to be the Elf King.

Some years later in Kanalis, the gadoba tree Father Adler prophesized that a "Commander" would arrive to lead the Resistance to victory and that a Stonekeeper would emerge as the fifth member of the Guardian Council. Many years before, Father Adler prophesized to the elf, Riva Ash, that she would help guide the future leader of the Elves in uniting and bringing peace to the nation of Gulfen.

After the arrival of the Stonekeeper Emily Hayes from the planet Earth, Elven forces lead by Commander Luger attacked a hospital in Kanalis. The secret resistance member, Doctor Weston, evacuated the patients and staff into an underground tram system that took them to the Kanalis resistance headquarters, deep beneath the city.

Emily Hayes, Navin Hayes, and their crew would embark on a journey to Cielis after their victory against Luger. Meanwhile, the Resistance left Kanalis and journeyed to the city of Lucien. There, they merged with Mayor Riva Ash's cell.


The Resistance's structure was very loose and was not set in stone. The Kanalis cell was lead by members such as Balan and Doctor Weston under the guidance of Father Adler. The Lucien cell was lead by Mayor Riva Ash and General Isaak Pil. The Frontera cell had close ties with larger Resistance, located in space and other planets. They were lead by prominent figures like Uncle Tex and Jaidoh.


The Resistance used an assortment of weapons and equipment. Regular soldiers utilized hand held melee weapons and firearms. Riva Ash used various concoctions to ward off Shadow Creatures. Uncle Tex of the Frontera Cell has been seen piloting a mechanized suit. The Typhon Cell had a wife variety of gigantic mechanized suits such as advanced Colossi, SAM units, and more.

Notable Locations[]

  • Kanalis base
  • Lucien bunker-city (overrun by Shadows)
  • Frontera base
  • Typhon Base (destroyed)
  • Lighthouse One

Notable members[]