The Resistance is an assorted group of inhabitants from Windsor who have banded together to fight against the army of Gulfen. While most are commoners, they have demonstrated to be skillful warriors and technicians. They are a large group consisting of a variety of humans and robots.

History[edit | edit source]

The Resistance was formed some time before the war began and its members were mostly powerful Stonekeepers. When four young stonekeepers lost control of their given powers and began to destroy villages, the Resistance combated them and destroyed all except for one – a young Elf King, who was detained in hopes of curing him of his state. However, with aid of his stone, the boy escaped.

When the war began, the Resistance grew larger. Before Emily Hayes arrived, most of the Resistance predicted that a predecessor of Silas Charnon would appear. After her arrival, the Resistance accelerated their mission. Navin was later appointed as a Resistance commander.

Eventually, the Colossus project was launched. A fleet of airships carrying Colossus mechs took flight, but were later attacked by Max Griffin and Chronos. The incident caused a recall in the mission. Eventually, the Resistance fled to the underground catacombs of Lucien, where they were driven out by shadows.

Notable members[edit | edit source]

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