""Is that a bar? My children are not going into a bar.""
—Karen Hayes outside the bar.

The Drinking Hole is a bar located in the town of Nautilus that sells alcoholic beverages. The establishment hosts a variety of people, including Enzo and Rico  – who were once mainstays. It is known as a place where most pilots like to congregate.


Enzo and Rico were fond of the bar and were found here when Emily, Leon, and Miskit entered to search for a pilot. Here, Enzo refused them.

When two elf soldiers barged through the entry in search of Trellis  and Luger , they halted everyone inside, but later found the two sleeping in an alley out back. Emily intercepted and defended Trellis and Luger, and managed to defeat the soldiers with her stone, causing some damage to the bar. Enzo, stunned by the skirmish, was finally convinced to take them, and Trellis and Luger tagged along.

Later, after having failed to capture Trellis and Luger and being defeated by Emily, the two elves used the Elf King's tab to pay for a hefty amount of alcoholic beverages, seeing as it could be their "last night alive".

Gabilan the assassin entered in order to discover who had attacked the elves. When one of the elves refused to tell him anything, Gabilan released a memory-extracting device to view what he had seen though a screen. When Gabilan asked the bartender who the two people were onscreen, he told them they were headed to the flying city of Cielis and Gabilan handed him a coin right before he took off.

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