The Cielis Guard is the military force assigned for the protection of Cielis and Alledia from any hostile forces that may arise, and for maintaining the peace. Their artillery consists of Silverhawks maintained by robots and a Colossus section in progress.


The Cielis Guard comes into contexts quite often due to the series being set in wartime between the Elf nation of Gulfen and all the others. The first time the Cielis Guard appears is when Navin is being introduced to the Colossus Pilot Program in "Prince of the Elves" where he will be serving along other students to provide support to the current Guardian Council, and later Emily comments on how young the soldiers of the Cielis Guard when preparing to board the Luna Moth to lead them to the defense of the city of Lucien. Then in "Escape From Lucien" the Cielis Guard authorizes recon group of Colussus Pilots to activate the beacon located in the devastated city of Lucien in order to gather more of the army together.

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