Sybrian was a liquid-like creature that accompanied Trellis often. 


When Emily entered a room in the Charnon House, Sybrian attempted to reach and touch her. The creature was disrupted, however, when Navin came over – at which point, it seeped into the air vents.

Trellis later used Sybrian to force Emily into submission. However, when she used the stone to free herself from Sybrian's grasp, the creature splattered and dissolved.

Sybrian is also mentioned in "Escape From Lucien" , where his species is revealed to be called Dark scouts, sometimes simply called Shadows. Max Griffin explains that it is a parasite-like creature and that "once it enters the host's nervous system, the creature takes over command of the mind and body. When it gains full control, it begins to wreak havoc on others."

He is supposedly the second oldest character, second to Ikol.


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