Suzy is robot who works as a chef at a current restaurant on the Skyway.

History Edit


Suzy's current restaurant, it is the most successful restaurant in Skyway.

Suzy graduated from Culinary School twenty years ago before opening her first restaurant, but it went down hull and went out of business. She got a job as a sous-chef at another restaurant, where the hours were long and the pay was lousy. While she worked, she kept thinking about why she decided to be a chef. Suzy realized it was for family, to nurture, to connect and feed families, like she did when she was younger for her own family. She opened a new restaurant that became the most successful in Skyway, two years running. Navin Hayes and Alyson Hunter worked in Suzy's restaurant for a day in exchange for travel to Valcor. But on the way, they were picked by Loni and Roni , two elf soldiers known by Riva Ash. Loni invited the Resistance to come back and visit them sometime.

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