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Supernova is the eighth and penultimate installment in the Amulet series. The book was published by Scholastic on September 25, 2018.


Emily's amulet takes over and she is imprisoned in the Void. Emily travels inside The Void, searching for a way to escape it, where she meets some new friends who hide some dark secrets. Meanwhile, Navin and Aly travel to the Resistance's base on a new planet and are quickly assigned to an apparently easy mission until the stakes are heightened and they have little time to escape the planet.


The book begins with Trellis in a memory, with an old stonekeeper. They discover a small shack, with a mother and son elf inside. Trellis discovers that the son is actually past him, and realizes that the other elf is his mother. The other stonekeeper asks Trellis to return to the real world, which he does. He destroys the memory cube. We discover that he is in the city of Ippo, with the resistance preparing for battle. However, Logi surrenders to the resistance. Trellis and Vigo are suspicious of this. When Vigo interrogates Logi, he activates a portal to the Void, letting the Firebird into the prison and creating a large explosion.