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A Stonekeeper is an individual who wields the kinetic power of an amulet – all of which derive from the Mother Stone . Stonekeepers use the stone as a means of communication, combat, and even transportation. Experienced stonekeepers may know the responsibilities that come with possessing a stone and the effects that they may cause. While in limbo or the void, a stonekeeper may find themselves under the influence of a governing spirit – known primarily as a voice.


Little is known of the very first stonekeepers, but it is known that fragments of the Mother Stone were used to create the smaller stones that present stonekeepers utilize. Silas Charnon was to known to have been involved in their creation and spread, training young individuals in stonekeeping.

While the stonekeepers mostly benefit from keeping one, it isn't rare that they may lose control and ultimately become unbalanced. In one particular incident, several stonekeepers were possessed by their stones and transformed into colossal beasts, which subsequently wrecked havoc on the countryside.

Other stonekeepers fought to keep them at bay and were eventually able to sucessfully defeat them. One stonekeeper – a young elf from a small village – was kept in detainment in hopes of him returning to normal. However, the boy told them that they should have rather killed him and that they would regret their decision. One night, the stone returned to help the boy escape and he used his powers to destroy the cell. Guards that were assigned to watch over him were killed including Leon Redbeard's father. The young elf eventually became the Elf King, ruler of Gulfen.  


A following is a list of known stonekeepers:

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