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"Look, just remember that when you decide to settle down, there will be a job waiting for you at the station."
—Selina to Enzo in The Cloud Searchers

Selina is a woman who owns Selina's Station,. She was implied to be a former flame of Enzo. The gang stop to refuel at her place while travelling to the lost city of Cielis.



By her appearance, she seems to have been altered by an ancient curse as with the inhabitants of Kanalis. Selina wears a pinkish-red shirt with buttons and dark-coloured trousers. Selina also has white fur.


She is shown to have a tough and gritty personality, though she also seems to have more of a softer side to her, as well. It is implied that both Selina and Enzo were involved in some sort of relationship before he left to find the floating city of Cielis. Due to this, Selina harbors a great grudge against Enzo and doesn't hesitate to punch him when the gang arrive to refuel at her station. However, after their overnight stay, the relationship between the two becomes more intimate.