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Roy Griffin is the father of Max Griffin. He worked alongside the Guardian Council and was a high-ranking official.


Roy was first seen awaiting the results of his son's test. A member of the Guardian Council lead Max out and told Roy that his son had "passed with flying colors". When the council member considered allowing Max to serve on the Guardian Council – like Roy's father – Roy told him that his son were to follow in his path, not his father's.

Max decided to leave in order to meet up with Layra – an elf girl to which he was familiar. Roy reminded Max what he had told him about spending time with her family, but let his son go.

However, Roy eventually decided to send the girl's parents to Yarboro Prison, under suspicion that they might be spies for the Elf King . The following night, Roy and Max argued over the situation. Roy truthfully admitted that he believed Layra's family would be much safer in prison anyway.

Max defied his father and later tried to aid in their escape, but failed. Afterwards, he was presented to the Guardian Council, at which it was declared that he would spend 50 years in the Ice Prison of Korthan. While being lead off by guards, Roy refused to look at Max.



Roy is broad in width, his facial features are chiseled, and he sports a small mustache across his upper-lip. 


Stern and disciplinary, he has mostly high expectations for his son – whom he expects to follow in his path. He refuses to let Max read anything other than his training manuals.