"S.C. code is practically my first language!"
Robert in Escape From Lucien

Robert Joseph is a graduate of the Colossus program and was chosen to operate a Colossus suit alongside Alyson Hunter and Trisha Spring. Trisha says that he was the one Celis trained to activate Lucien's communications beacon.

Personality Edit

Robert is quite a bit scornful and is prone to sarcastic retorts, poking fun at his comrades and generally failing to follow advice. He was a class clown that made jokes and poked fun at Navin which caused Navin to not be very fond of Robert.

History Edit

Robert was chosen as a graduate of the Colossus program alongside two other students. After their Colossus suit crash landed on Lucien, Robert immediately began to stray further from the group, and was abducted by a dark scout. Before completely succumbing to possession, Robert urged his classmates to flee. However, they do not listen. He is not seen afterward, showing that the power of the Dark Scout killed him or was killed during the Dark Invasion of Lucien

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