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Riva Ash is the elf mayor of Lucien , who had become good friends with Navin and Alyson after saving them from Dark scouts in the abandoned streets of her city.


Riva is a dedicated and passionate leader who recognizes her people's safety as a foremost priority. She is willing to put herself in harm's way in order to help others, such as when she had intervened to rescue Navin, Alyson, and Trisha from the dark scouts. She claims to not believe in prophecies, but says she is also willing to keep an open mind out of respect for her close friends and mentors. Riva is a capable and reasonable leader of her people.


She carries a backpack with multiple vials that can apparently do many things, one of which can make a ring of chemical fire.

Her leadership skills, including communication and crowd control, are a valuable asset. While these have shown to prove beneficial for the condition of her people, Riva recognizes that her judgement can be biased by her feelings. For example, she is advised on when to evacuate Lucien by General Pil, but also asks Navin, admitting that she "knows too much" of the situation.

As daughter of the elf who built Lucien's underground city, Riva is very knowledgable of the city's layout and possibly its blueprint. She labels herself one of its "caretakers".


Born to a father who had helped to found Lucien, Riva spent many of her days within the city. As a girl, she often spoke to an elder tree called Father Charles, an old friend of her family's and someone whom she shared a close bond with. Riva would eventually grow up to become mayor, with Isaak Pil serving as her advisor. 

Father Charles's prophecy.png

After the invasion of the dark scouts, she moved her people into the underground portion of Lucien built by her father. Some time afterward, Charles became gravely ill and told Riva that the arrival of a young leader would signal the start of a revolution that could save Alledia. His last words to Riva were a prophecy that spoke of the sky beginning to fall and a "sun" rising again. These words were cryptic to Riva and she did not quite understand what they had meant at the time. The morning after Charles' passing, Riva took notice of a small tree growing beside him, which she felt she needed to protect and decided to take it back with her underground. However, the young sapling began to wither.

Escape From Lucien[]

A week later, Balan, Doctor Weston, and the last of The Resistance arrived by underground railway after fleeing Kanalis. Despite initial trepidation, Riva's hospitality toward them and her offering of food and shelter were accepted. One morning, she found that the dying sapling had blossomed for the first time, so she went aboveground to plant it. After finding Charles cut down, Riva decided that the plant needed a proper home and went back underground. On her way, she found Navin, Alyson and Trisha, having lost Robert to the dark scouts, and brought them into the city of Lucien.

She reunites Navin with the remaining members of the Resistance, before then telling him the grave sitiation of Lucien. With already scarce and depleting food and supplies, they have considered giving the evacuation order to leave Lucien Underground via an abandon tunnel that leads to the Cielis crater. However, due to the threat of shadows, there will be a number of casualties, thus causing Riva to hesitate as she cannot allow this to happen, prompting her to ask Navin for advice being the commander. Navin, doubtful of himself as he can't even pass his Colossus pilot exams much less lead an army, was given a tree sprout by Riva, who then told him a prophecy given to her by Father Charles. The prophecy details of the sky falling and a 'sun' rising again, cryptic words that mistified Riva for weeks on end. Although she admits she doesn't believe in prophecies, miracles nor premonitions, she believes that Navin as the commander will be enough to give her people hope amd convince them to go aboveground, she would do anything he says. Having a bad experience with a prophecy himself, Navin and Riva get along with that opinion.

The group was cut off by an alarm triggered by a gate breached by shadows, that followed the three Colossus pilots underground. Riva then gives the evacuation order and instructs General Pil to ready the vac bots but with a scarcity of pilots, they can't do so. Navin and Aly volunteers to help while Trish completes the mission issued to them, which was activating the beacon. Not willing to risk losing Navin nor the rest, Riva protests against this, attempting to convince them it isn't worth it. Trisha Spring remains insistent, thus Riva relents, providing her with an old map to help. She then asks who will answer the call once the beacon is activated, with uncertainly admitting she doesn't know as she was simply ordered to do it. Riva then warns her that they can't keep the door open for them, to which they agree and allow, before proceeding. Hearing another alarm, Riva and Balan goes to the gates, initiating crowd control.

After escaping the bottom of Lucien and getting to the Cielis Crater, Riva sees a giant ship fall down, with a bubble falling down too. She tells the citizens to stay where they are, and remembers Father Charles‘s prophecy. When the bubble falls down, Elves come out of the bubble hurt, while Trellis walking out with a hurt elf also. She realizes Father Charles was talking about Trellis, and Trellis talks to her.


Riva is in the city of Ippo, finding a dropship of The Elf King’s Elf Troops. Patrick Joseph is also there, and Riva commands him to convince everyone to stop evacuating into the Charnon House.

The Elf King commanded for the elves to surrender, surprising the Elf Army and The Resistance. Later that night, everyone put up a festival for Prince Trellis for saving the city (although they surrendered). She then tells her to sit down and they talk about the Elf King and the Voice, but is interrupted when Logi brought Emily, causing an explosion to the prison.

Later, Riva, Trellis, Vigo and others gather on the Luna Moth to head to Cielis and meet up with Emily. Riva, Trellis and Vigo meet up with Emily, who tells them that the Elf King was under control of the Voice the entire time. Emily then tells Trellis that he, Vigo and Riva should go and try to rebuild the Elf Kingdom, while she went back to bring back Navin and her mother. Riva wishes Emily luck as she leaves to rescue her family.