Rico is Enzo's brother and his accomplice, as well as his co-pilot. Like the people in Kanalis,he is affected by a generational disease giving him the appearance of a human-animal hybrid, and in his case, a grey and brown cat.


Not much is known about Rico's past except Rico has been with Enzo for a long time, even when the latter broke up with Selina.

At The Drinking Hole, Rico informs Enzo that Emily, Miskit and Leon have entered through the doorway in search of an airship pilot who would give them transport to Cielis. Rico attempts to persuade Enzo to help them though Enzo tries his best to shove his suggestions of and ignore Emily's crew. When Leon approaches the two and asks to be taken to Cielis, Rico interjects between Enzo's multiple rejections and Leon's persistence that Enzo believes in Cielis.

After both being shown a partially completed map and a large skirmish erupting between Emily and several elf officers in defense of Trellis and Luger, a convinced Enzo escorts the travallers to his ship accompanied by Rico to join Emily's group on their search for Cielis. Aboard the ship Rico serves primarily in the kitchen with Mrs.Hayes despite his protests that he doesn't even know how to cook, until they finally reach their destination, Cielis successfully.



Rico is a cat-human hybrid with gray fur and dark brown markings around his face. He wears a green vest.


Rico has a more timid, shy, and well mannered temperament while can also be very insistent and lighthearted.

Trivia Edit

  • Rico is Enzo's brother.
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