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Prince of the Elves
Author Kazu Kibuishi
Publisher Scholastic
Publication Date September 1, 2012
Number of Pages 208
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The Last Council
Escape From Lucien

Prince of the Elves is the fifth installment in the Amulet series.

The book was published on September 1, 2012.


Max Griffin has stolen the Mother Stone, and the Elf King seeks to forge new Amulets that will enable him to destroy the kingdom of Windsor, creating his own Guardian Council. Emily Hayes and her friends lead the soldiers of theCielis Guard in an attempt to stop him, but Max stands in their way. When Emily seeks information from the Voice of her Amulet, she discovers the Voice is much more sinister than she ever could have imagined.


After the elves declare war on Alledia, Max Griffin continues to meet up with his friend Layra – an elf girl. Max's father, Roy, however, disapproves of this and sends her family to Yarboro Prison. Max infiltrates the prison, however, and arranges for an airship to take Layra and her parents to the city of Frontera, where they can make their way safely to Gulfen.

Max distraught as he witnesses Layra's death.


Max is sentenced to 50 years in the Ice Prison of Korthan by the Guardian Council for aiding in the escape of war prisoners, and the murder of the four soldiers. While in detainment, however, Max is able to escape. Wounded, he collapses shortly after making his way out. His stone urges Max to give in to its power in order to ensure his survival, casually reminding him that his death is near approaching.

50 years later, Max assembles a troop of elves on the march towards the Ice Prison of Korthan, the prison where he had been sentenced. Max subdues the guards at the gate and enters the vast, icy prison. The carriage in the convoy then opens to reveal the Elf King. Max then speaks to him about their agreement, and the King reminds Max that the first piece of the stone is his. Max then uses it to release the mountain giant, Chronos, from a large glacier. Infused with the power of the stone, Max and Chronos set off to attack Frontera by orders of the Elf King.

Meanwhile, in Cielis, Emily successfully ambushes Trellis during a training session, the latter having been distracted by what appeared to be a young elf boy. Leon arrives and the three return to Vigo, who has been observing several transmissions and tells Emily that she is just in time. Emily, Trellis, and Leon approach Vigo, and he shows Emily the transmissions, one of which has piqued his interest. The hologram depicts Max kneeling before Silas Charnon. Vigo tells Emily that Silas didn't fully understand the consequences of entering the void, and tells Trellis to "stay out of this" when Trellis reveals he would do anything to fix the mistakes of his ancestors. He also adds that he had known Max as a student 50 years ago and that if they were dealing with the same young man from then, that their real troubles have only just begun.

Elsewhere, Navin and Cogsley descend down an elevator with a recruiter robot. They are admitted to the revived Colossus Program by another robot named Bill. They enter a Colossus mech and meet with a fellow pilot, Alyson Hunter , who then introduces the two to her father, Tristan. Nearby, Emily and Vigo view a transmission that shows a destroyed Frontera. Vigo tells Emily that Max is leading these deadly assaults and that his next target will be the city of Lucien. Vigo adds that it will only be a matter of time before Lucien falls as well.

The airships carrying the Colossus mechs begin to descend. Enzo remarks to Rico that they will finally be able to go home and tell everyone that Cielis exists. Rico replies that this is the least of their concerns. At the same time, Trellis asks Luger how to access events of the past, to which Luger replies that mastering the ability will take many years and that it is much too dangerous.

In the night, Emily's stone once again speaks to her in her sleep. In the dream, Emily awakens in a large, white chamber, where the Voice invites her to a game of chess. Emily immediately asks about Max, who he is working for, and for what reason. The Voice replies that the Elf King is a very persuasive individual and that he must have made an offer that Max couldn't refuse. Emily tells the Voice that Trellis told her that the king was dead, and that she believed that both Max and the Elf King were under the influence of something else entirely. The Voice calls Emily a "smart stonekeeper" and tells her that he believes she will find the answer on her own. Emily asks if Max's stone has a voice, but before she could get an answer, Emily disintegrates and returns to the physical world.

Emily visits Vigo in his chambers and asks him what he meant when he told her that Silas didn't understand the dangers of entering the void. Vigo tells her that he never experienced the consequences firsthand. He tells her that when his wife, Miriam, passed away, his son, David, trained with him for some years. Soon after, David attempted to use his stone in order to try to resurrect his mother after listening to Silas's lessons about the Void, but instead entered a deep coma which he did not awaken from for days. Vigo heard David speak to someone while asleep. David awoke for a brief moment with fearful eyes before dying. Emily asks Vigo who his son was talking to, and Vigo replies that he believed it was his mother, but later realized he was speaking to his stone.

Emily tells Vigo that there is something she needs to tell him, but is disrupted when the ship begins to rumble. An explosion follows from outside, and Emily asks if it might be wyverns. The two go out to see a large beast, Chronos, attacking one of the airships. Vigo orders Emily to get Trellis, however, when Emily enters his room, Luger is sitting at the foot of his bed, with Trellis unconscious. Luger apologizes to Emily and tells her that he tried to stop him. Chronos dismantles a Colossus mech, and Max uses his stone to detonate a ship. Navin and Alyson are prompted to take action, and Tristan tells them to pilot the silverhawks and enter the battlefield.

During the battle, Navin and Alyson manage to evade Max and attempt to fire at him, but Max deflects the attacks. Navin pulls up and Max lands right onto Navin's window, but is attacked by Vigo. Max begins to fall, but lands on one of the airships' wings. Here, Max confronts Vigo, and the latter tells Emily – who is carrying Trellis – to stay away and not to move. The three attack simultaneously, which causes an explosion. Emily, Vigo, and Trellis are subsequently seen falling to their doom.

Trellis suddenly enters the void and awakens on a bed. With a broken arm he rises and approaches the door, opening it to reveal a familiar location. Nearby, the young elf boy seen back in Cielis is fishing over a lake. Trellis approaches him, and the boy tells him to see his uncle Virgil and that he doesn't need to knock, as Virgil is expecting him.

Inside the small hut, Trellis asks Virgil where the others went, and Virgil tells him that he was very much alone when he fell from the sky. Virgil offers Trellis a robe and he puts it on. As he is leaving, Trellis hears a voice call his name and it is revealed to be Luger, who approaches the small boy, who is revealed to be a younger version of Trellis. Luger tells the younger Trellis that he must not talk to people who ask questions about their father. The boy assures him that he was not talking to him, and Luger asks Trellis where he came from. Virgil intervenes and tells Luger that the older Trellis is with him.

Virgil takes Trellis to a library. The building is being carried by a statue of an individual wearing the Elf King's mask. Trellis asks about the structure, and Virgil tells him that the statue represents the original Erlking, who is depicted carrying the weight of his ancestors. Virgil tells Trellis that the library honors this tradition, and that the books contained within its walls have helped to advance elfkind.

Inside, Virgil begins to explain he had begun to fear for the war's direction. Virgil opens a book and tells Trellis about Levitas, the fourth king, who some say spoke to his stone. Virgil tells Trellis that he had tried to find information regarding a stone's voice and came up empty-handed, until he found one book. The book was written by a human, Silas Charnon, who believed stonekeepers could find themselves under the influence of a governing spirit – the Voice. Virgil states that this voice appears during a time of war and strife before disappearing during 500 years of peace before the cycle begins anew. Virgil also noticed that the current Elf King was born exactly 500 years after the death of Levitas and told Trellis that he found the patterns alarming.

As the Voice begins to emerge, Virgil urges Trellis to escape, and tells him not to worry about him. Trellis plunges into the lake and swims down, only to be confronted by the Voice. Trellis swims up out of the water and climbs up to the grove. The Voice appears once again and attempts to seize him, but Emily arrives just in time to attack it, freeing Trellis from its grasp. Emily tells Trellis that they are all in grave danger, and that it is his responsibility to save them. Emily then uses her stone to send Trellis back into the physical world. Trellis once again finds himself – along with Emily and Vigo – falling through midair. Trellis activates his stone and creates a kinetic orb around them, which falls through the ground.

While underground, Trellis re-enters the void with encouragement from Vigo. In his arrival, Trellis calls out for Emily, but she immediately grabs him and silences him. The two duck behind a rock and see Max down below. Emily tells Trellis that Max must be dreaming about this nearby. At this point, Max is seen giving himself up to his stone. The Voice emerges, thanks to Max, and then notices Emily. As the voice displays a menacing grin, Emily – terrified – slides back behind the rock and out of sight. Trellis gets them out of the void and the two once again enter their physical bodies.

When Emily, Vigo, and Trellis return to the surface, a silverhawk appears and Navin exits the aircraft, embracing Emily. An airship comes down as well, and Vigo asks Enzo if they got out okay. Enzo tells him that they were a little banged up, but are still in business. As Vigo enters the ship, he asks Enzo what happened to the rest of the convoy. Enzo answers that when they fell, the attack subsided and that the beast followed Emily, Vigo, and Trellis into the clouds.

Meanwhile, Max is lying in the center of a large crater caused by his fall. The Voice urges him to stand and that he has more work to do. Max tells him that he can't move and that he thinks his bones are broken. The Voice painfully mends his bones and tells him once again to get up. Max begs him to stop, but the Voice tells Max that they had a deal and that he has yet to honor his end of the bargain. Max apologizes to Layra for having failed her, and Chronos takes off with him in hand.

Later, Emily is seen in a dark, wet chamber. Around her, there are statues of members of the Guardian Council and fellow stonekeepers. She enters an ominous room surrounded by pillars and in its center lies a chess set. Emily glances around and tells the Voice to show itself and to come face her. A shadowy creature emerges and tells Emily that he his master believes she is better off joining him in this fight. Emily responds by blasting the creature with her stone. She then proceeds to knock the chess pieces off the table, but the Voice – invisible – sets them back into place and moves a piece forward on his end. Emily tells him that if he wants to play, she'll play and then moves her own piece. 69 69 69 69



  • An older version of the cover depicts a train with Navin and Cogsley peeking out at Chronos, rather than the silverhawks in the clouds seen in the published version. This could possibly indicate a discarded draft of the story.
  • The title ‘Prince of the Elves’ is more easily seen to describe Trellis, but however, Max Griffin was also appointed that title by the elf king. The name of the book most likely intentionally refers to a double meaning, a play on words.