Navin Hayes is the son of David and Karen and younger brother of Emily Hayes.

By an ancient prophecy, he was appointed Commander of The Resistance. Although he is often late for class aboard the Firebrand, his mech-battle experience[1] makes him more qualified than other students to pilot the Colossus.


Navin was not in the car crash that killed his father—the rest of his family was going to retrieve him from an unspecified place when the car went off a cliff. Navin is often a voice of reason, though no one really listens to him at first. When he becomes Commander, however, he’s taken much more stricter.


Navin loves robots, flying, and seeing Emily laugh. He tries to be easygoing and optimistic so that his sister doesn't get too worried about him. When he needs to, he can become a serious and determined fighter and an excellent strategist, especially when it comes to saving Emily.



Navin piloting the Charnon House.

Navin seems to express a deep interest with the machinery he encounters, including airships and robots. After coming to Alledia, he has shown to be a talented pilot after driving a small plane and steering the Luna Moth to safety during a storm, as well as piloting a mobilized Charnon House – skills that he apparently acquired from playing video games.

Trivia Edit

  • Navin has matured beyond his mostly childish personality seen in the first book. hi

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