Moze is a Stonekeeper and the future son of Emily Hayes.



The Voice’s assistant introduces Moze to Emily in the Void. Then later they go into a tiny island in the middle of a lake; Moze talks about his dad, but he doesn’t know if he's a stonekeeper. Later on, Emily meets Moze again. When the present Emily leaves into the portal, he calls the future Emily "mom", implying that he is Emily’s son.

Moze stated that he is from a planet near to Alledia called Ghen-7, suggesting that Stonekeepers and other life forms can be found all over the galaxy or even the universe.

Moze also claims that Earth is a very beautiful planet and that it is quite small, insinuating that Earth is in the same dimension as Alledia, and most other habitable planets are much larger than Earth.

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