Miskit is a rabbit-like robot (robbit) who was created by Emily's great-grandfather Silas as an assistant.

History[edit | edit source]

It was first seen in Book 1: The Stonekeeper as a servant to Silas, and it saved Emily from a catastrophe with the Elf Prince Trellis and Sybrian with a stun gun.

In Book 2: The Stonekeeper's curse, it went with Emily and Leon to Demon's Head Mountain.

In Book 3: The Cloud Searchers, Miskit was involved in a Wyvern attacking Enzo's Luna Moth airship. It helped Cogsley fix an airship wing, but then a Wyvern grabbed it and it pulled Cogsley with it.

In Book 4: The Last Council, they were shown to be okay in a Wyvern's nest. They were rescued by Vigo Light brought them to his island, and finally returned to the Resistance.

In book 5: Prince of the Elves, Miskit was seen watching the resistance leave Cielis.

In book 6: Escape from Lucien, Miskit was on a video call with Emily and Navin.

In book 7: Firelight, Miskit was one of the astronauts going to typhon, along with many, including Navin, Aly, Leon, Karen, and General Pil.

In book 8: Supernova Miskit helped out on the planet Typhon, saving Navin from dying at the hands of a stonekeeper giant.

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