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Miskit is a rabbit-like robot who was created by Emily's great-grandfather Silas as an assistant, and leads the robots in the Charnon house. He eventually serves the Hayes siblings as his new masters, and helps saves their mother in the process.


Prior to the current events to the story, Silas built Miskit along with his fellow bots alongside with Silas's friends. He then serves Silas for many undisclosed years, archiving many of research and teachings. It was implied Miskit was built after Silas was exiled from Cielis, as he has no knowledge of Vigo Light despite both serving on the Council at the same time.

Eventually, Silas catches an unknown sickness, increasingly degrading his health. Knowing he is on his deathbed, Miskit was ordered to plant his Amulet in his house in the human world and retrieve Emily once she is in contact with it and step foot in Alledia.


The Stonekeeper[]

Miskit's first appearance was him arriving on a boat, wearing an ominous cloak and hat that covers most his appearance and wielding a nasty looking stun gun. When Navin realizes he saw them, the siblings try to escape him, only to run into Trellis - who tries to attack them. They are saved by Miskit's intervention, who then instructs them to get to the boat to escape the elf prince. Emily is skeptic they could get away, but he inhumanely rows the boat into high speeds and out of Trellis's reach in the water.

Being questioned by the siblings, he reassures their fears that he is friendly and that Silas would help them. They then arrive to the house in the middle of the lake, and he welcomes them as they enter. Miskit then removes his coat and hat, revealing that his colossal figure was that of a mech and the real person - or rather, bot - piloting it is merely a pink rabbit. He then states his name and greets them, bringing them to Silas, encountering Cogsley on the way, who expresses disdain towards the children, but he snaps back. He assuages that he is just like that in general. After the children's discussion with Silas, he is shocked to be shoved an immense responsibility to train Emily in the ways of the stone before passing away.

The Stonekeeper's Curse[]

The Cloud Searchers[]

The Last Council[]

Prince of the Elves[]

Escape from Lucien[]


In Firelight, Miskit was revealed to have joined the Colossus Space Cadets Project.