Lucien underground

Lucien is a city located in the southeastern coast of Windsor.


Lucien initially encompassed Cielis until Lucien became populated by what the Cielians consider "outsiders". Cielis then seceded from Lucien. Around the same time that the elves declared war, Lucien was overtaken by beings called Dark Scouts (the Luciens call them Shadows). The Luciens were then forced to relocate. Thanks to Riva's father, they were able to do this by going to the underground refuge that he built. Despite being elves, Riva's family became like caretakers to the city. After destroying the city of Frontera, Max Griffin led his army to Lucien. The Cielis Guard went to Lucien to counter them and to activate a beacon to call for reinforcements. The Luciens then had to evacuate shortly after the Cielis Guard arrived, due to a swarm of Dark Scouts breaking in from the east gate, where they had followed Mayor Riva escorting Navin, Alyson and Trisha.

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