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"There's a real comfort in being a nobody like me, Master Griffin. As long as I do my job, everyone leaves me alone. I recommend trying a like-minded approach, sir."
Logi to Max Griffin in Escape From Lucien

Logi is a servant of the Elf King's palace, and his most obsequious subject.


Logi previously served Virgil, the uncle and caretaker of Trellis and Luger. However, he was later forced to serve the Elf King as a contract that would ensure his life. Logi initially appeared when two elf soldiers returned Trellis to the king's palace. Later, he welcomed the assassin Gablian and lead him to the Elf King. Logi was also assigned to watch Max Griffin, even warning him on his next moves.



Logi in Escape From Lucien

  • Logi is initially hairless and goblinlike in their first appearance, but hairier and almost rodent-like following Escape From Lucien and Supernova.
    • This may be because of Kazu’s art changing, which impacted his appearance.
  • Even though he is an elf who is mostly supposed to be evil, he actually likes The Stonekeepers, showing in Escape From Lucien and Supernova.