A list of the number of characters who have died before or during the events of the graphic novel series Amulet.

Before the books/flashbacks/memories Edit

Book One: The Stonekeeper Edit

Book Two: The Stonekeeper's Curse Edit

  • Several Gadoba Trees, burned by Luger.
  • elf soldier decapitated by leon in sword fight
  • elf guard burned by emily in fight using stone magic
  • crawler hound killed by emily using stone magic

Book Three: The Cloud Searchers Edit

  • Several Wyverns, blasted by both Emily Hayes and Enzo.
  • Elf soldier, memory erased.

Book Four: The Last Council Edit

Book five: Prince of the Elves Edit

  • Unknown number of people on the airship destroyed by a blast from the Elf King’s opposing airship.

Book Six: Escape From Lucien Edit

  • Chronos, crashed by fallen rocks.
  • Max Griffin, ages to bone and dust.
  • unknown number of people possessed by the shadows

Book Seven: Firelight Edit

  • Gabilan (fate unknown), likely perished in the underwater fortress after being destroyed by a transformed Emily Hayes.

Book Eight: Supernova Edit

old void emily

unknown number of shadow spirits

everyone on/in lighthouse I space station

unknown number of people in ippo attack

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