'Layra was an elf and the friend of Max Griffin in his childhood. She is the daughter of Mister Janus and a currently unnamed mother.

History[edit | edit source]

Layra tried to introduce Max to the writings regarding the Great Erlking, but he refused due to the fact that he was advised to only read his training manuals by his father. When she met Max again, she told him that it would be best for them to separate from each other, as her parents had been taken by guards and thrown into Yarboro Prison.

When Max freed them and ordered an airship captain to transport them to Frontera where they would make their way to Gulfen, Layra thanked and embraced Max before boarding the ship. However, when a police ship spotted them and opened fire, Layra and her family were killed.

Max, traumatized, distraught, and angry at the sight of Layra and her family's death, used his amulet and its magic to implode the police ship out of spite and vengeance, killing the four officers aboard the police ship as well.

After Max destroyed the police ship held responsible for killing Layra and her family, he was brought before the Guardian Council and sentenced to imprisonment within the Ice Prison of Korthan for 50 years for assisting fugitives and potential spies of The Elf King, and destroying a police ship and its respective officers. Both acts were seen by the Guardian Council as treason. Max's chosen last words before he was dragged away by two guards to the prison was, "You will all regret this." As he was being dragged off to the Ice Prison of Korthan, he saw the disappointed look on his father Roy's face and became visibly miserable.

When Max and the new Guardian Council entered The Void to confront The Voice, the spirits of Layra and her family appeared to talk with Max, with Layra asking Max to stop, saying that "We never asked this of you." When Max tried to defend his previous actions to Layra, insisting that he did it for her, she replied that he really did it for himself. As the family turned to leave, Max tearfully begged Layra to wait. Layra sadly responded: "I already waited. But it seems I shouldn't have. Good-bye, Max." With those final words, Layra disappeared along with her family, with only her eyes lingering briefly to give Max one final, pitying look.

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