Kanalis is a port town located near Demon's Head Mountain. Many walks of life end up here, with portion of some who have been altered by a generational disease that gives them the appearance of fauna. The city is also frequented by civilians seeking medical aid.

Following the war, the nation of Gulfen siezed much of the city, and oppressed much of its citizens. Due to the circumstances, many people were forced to give up jobs and property, and flocked to the city in order to find food in soup kitchens.


Emily and Navin were taken here in order to search for a cure to their mother's illness.Leon Redbeard spotted Emily in the city and attempted to join her as a mentor, but she refused.

While the elves stormed the Charnon House, the doctor of the city's clinic told the kids that the elixir was the fruit of the Gadoba Trees  , which were located in the perilous Demon's Head Mountain. Leon intercepted and later helped the group when Luger, accompanied by soldiers, equipped a cannon and impaled the hospital. The patients, as well as the Kanalis residents, were forced to flee underground and made their way into a gondola to be transported. Emily, Miskit, and Leon travelled through the city's sewage system and exited through the sewer drain. They made their way to the top of the roof, where they were caught and pursued by Elves.