General Isaak Pil is a robot that is colored in yellow and the most trusted adviser of Lucien's mayor, Riva Ash.

History Edit

Escape from Lucien Edit

General Pil first appears when he thinks Aly, Navin, and Trish might be enemies. He later comes to a meeting and notices on the monitor that shadows are breached at the east gate. They need to get to the comm link, so Trish volunteers to do it. Then Navin, Aly and Pil, go to the vacbots to suck up shadows. Navin and Aly’s Suits broke so they are going to run for the gate. They are then surrounded by mostly all of the citizens of Lucien, who are being controlled by Shadows. Pil helps them get away from the citizens and go to the restaurant of his Parents. They all go into the transpore, safe from the people. They purchase Loaderbots from his parents and are going to travel to Valcor in them.

Firelight Edit

Navin thinks that there not going to make it Valcor in the Loaderbots. Pil says that they‘ll take an airship to Frontera, but unfortunately, they sell the loaderbots but they only get 50 Lugs. They try to get a ticket for free, but after they tried they decided to take a job on the ship. Pil accepts a job for a Sous Chef. They meet Suzy, a sous chef. Pil gives his name saying General Pil, But Suzy makes him say Isaak. Pil gets ingredients from the market, but then 2 Elf soldiers asked if he’d seen 2 kids and a robot. He just said he was here for veggies. Later on, General Pil put Tiblits on his Mac & Cheese. Navin protests, but he doesn’t do anything. Later, Navin meets one of the elf soldiers Pil saw. His Name is Loni and his brother‘s name is Roni. Loni talks to Navin and Pil trys to stop it. Loni shows him a boatmen coin and believes he was sent by Riva. Pil realizes that bounty hunters are looking for them. Suzy finds Them and knocks one of them out with a fish. They go into Loni‘s and Roni’s airship. They lead them to a station. Tex, Loni’s Uncle, says that they will be part of space program to fight back. Then they take off in a spaceship to lighthouse one.

Supernova Edit

Pil comes to Lighthouse one with everybody else. They go into a elavator and meet Bento and Flon, Two Aliens. Then they meet Jaidoh,who Asks about if the robots are secure. Pil asks what is she talking about. She says they are vurnable to hacks. Pil suddenly starts dancing crazily, However Miskit isn’t affected at all. later he gets a new software, and when they take off into Typhon, he is in the robot safety zone with Miskit. He appears again when they get Aly and Navin off the bikes to save them from the stone giants.

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