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Ippo is a coastal city in the nation of Lufen located close to the Lufen-Windsor border. The city is composed of medieval-style buildings that are built in irregular patterns and on top of each other. The speciesism demographics of the city are primarily humans and cursed individuals. The city is governed by a mayor, the most recent being Mayor Birman.


Shortly after the evacuation of the Resistance at Lucien, the Resistance Army sought refuge in Ippo. There, their ranks joined the Ippo Army and prepared for an impending Elf invasion. Charnon House also joined the Resistance-Ippo effort at the city. Soon enough, a Shadow Cruiser arrived with a large army of Elves. Much to the surprise of the Resistance-Ippo Army and the Elves themselves, Logi, a courtier of the Elf King, surrendered himself and the entire Elf Army to Prince Trellis. The army was soon locked up in Ippo prison. Following the surrender, Mayor Birman threw a celebration to celebrate the victory. However, the Stonekeeper Vigo Light, was skeptical of Logi's intentions and went to interrogate him. In the middle of their conversation, Logi presents a "gift" to Vigo that explodes, releasing the Stonekeeper Emily Hayes's Phoenix.


The city possesses are variety of defenses and safety measures. The main military force is the Ippo Army, composed of melee infantry. Throughout the city are also large anti-air cannons located on tall towers that are each operated by one to two cannon operators. The city also possesses a small air navy of three frigates. Unlike the Cielis Guard's navy, however, these ships are not airships, but are more advanced and stay afloat using levitation technology. They are each equipped with one large, belly cannon similar in design to the city's anti-air cannons.

After seeking refugee there, the Resistance Army integrated itself into the Ippo Army's ranks. Many of its members like Prince Trellis became commanders. Other officers like captains also lead the army.

Notable Locations[]

Notable Figures[]

  • Mayor Birman
  • Warden of Ippo Prison (mentioned)
  • Army Captain
  • Jos
  • Mat