Hey everyone! I am a huge fan of the Amulet series (as I'm sure most people on this feed are), but I'm also a theorist at heart! While reading the Prince of the Elves, a question popped in my mind: how are the elf rulers really chosen?

I mean, it seems like a typical monarchy, with the Elf King's son Trellis expected to take the throne, but there are aspects that made me stop and think.

  1. In the Prince of the Elves, it is revealed that Virgil, the uncle of Trellis and brother to the king, had a father that was once a village doctor. So how does a meager son of a healer go from peasant to aristocrat in one giant leap?
  2. Trellis is inferably the younger son of the Elf King, as Luger is much older before and after his redemption mark, yet everyone believes him to be the rightful successor to the Gulfen throne. Why is that? Does age not account for succession, or blood for that matter? Is there another ritual, test, or such that proves a king to be crowned?

Lmk what y'all think!

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