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The first Guardian Council in their throne room.

""The Council Promised Me No One Would Get Hurt !They're The Ones Who Lied!""
Max Griffin In The Guardian Council

The Guardian Council was a group of five Stonekeepers  who ruled Alledia before the war and resided in Windsor's capital, Cielis. Nearly every Stonekeeper's goal was to join the Guardian Council and rule Alledia.

After the brutal elven attack on Cielis, the Guardian Council brought the city into the sky over the Golbez Cycle. Following the events of The Last Council, the Guardian Council was revealed to be long dead and a new council was formed including Emily Hayes, Vigo Light, and Prince Trellis.


Interestingly, the illustration in book 3 shows an Elf having a seat on the Council, implying Elves were also allowed in the past, and that Trellis was not the first of his species to take the rank.