The Gadoba Trees resided near Demon's Head Mountain and were some of the last of their kind. They were burned down by Luger, who was tracking down Emily at the time. Their fruit is said to be a sacred elixir, provided the right one is picked. If the wrong fruit is picked, the consumer of the fruit will die.The king has also sent elves to get fruit but they all failed to succeed, given the fact that only 1 in 100 fruits will work, while the other 100 will take away a life.


Over many years, many individuals – most of which were Elves – came to the Gadobas seeking their fruit's sacred properties. However, due to having picked the wrong fruit, all of them had died. Slowly, the ground surrounding the trees became littered with bones.

Leon was told by the Gadobas that a young Stonekeeper would appear in their time of need. What they had foretold years ago happened to be true. Now with Emily Hayes, Leon lead her to the trees in order to pick the cure for her mother. She ate one of the fruits to test it. It tasted terrible, but was, in fact, the right fruit. Leon suddenly noticed movement in the distance, and announced an abrupt departure to the Gadobas.

Shortly after, Luger appeared to the trees. Noticing the ground littered with elf skulls, the commander saw no reason to spare their lives and quickly burned them to the ground – which Emily, Miskit and Leon later noticed. Before perishing, one of the Gadobas asked his brother if this marked the end, and the other replied that it would be a new beginning.

Trivia Edit

  • The Gaboda trees slightly resemble the Great Deku Trees from The Legend of Zelda. Both have faces, know of someone who will save the world and are killed by their series' respectful antagonists.
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