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"I have never failed to kill my marks. You have no reason to doubt me."
—Gabilan in The Cloud Searchers

Hired by the Elf King in place of Trellis and Luger, Gabilan is a skilled mercenary and assassin whose goal is also to become king himself. He also has a stronghold on Algos Island underwater where he keeps the memories that he has stolen. His ultimate fate is currently unknown, albeit presumed dead.


As he was leaving, Gabilan questioned the doorkeeper, Logi, if he appreciated working for the Elf King. Logi explained that his actions are simply out of survival and that the Elf King allows him to live. Gabilan proclaimed that the doorkeeper would be given a better wage. The mercenary added that he would one day take over the throne and rode off on his stormbird.

In order to locate Emily, Gabilan entered The Drinking Hole and approached two of the Elf King's troops. They asked if he came to punish them, he replied that the king will do it himself. He's here to collect information. He interrogated them and when one stubbornly refused to tell him of the Stonekeeper's whereabouts, Gabilan threatened to erase his memory. The elf ignored the warnings. Fed up, the mercenary utilized the memory extractor on the elf and then viewed his memory through the extractor's screen. Gabilan asked a waiter nearby who the two men on-screen were, and the latter told him that they were Emily's pilots who would be taking her to the city of Cielis. Gabilan gave the waiter a coin for his troubles. The mercenary was preparing to leave when the other soldier asked him why he would commit such an act against his own kind. Gabilan turned and told him that he was the only one of his kind, and then wished him good luck with the King.

Gabilan began to pursue the airship holding Emily and her crew. When they stopped at Selina's Station to refuel, the elf gained access to the ship and waited in hiding. When they reached a beacon temple near Cielis, Gabilan revealed himself and captured Karen . He entered the floating temple and threatened to kill Karen in front of them. It is also revealed that he was the one who erased Luger's memories, and also that Luger was actually Trellis's Older brother. Combining efforts, Emily and Trellis managed to free Karen, but Gabilan managed to deal a severe blow upon the latter, who blasted through the temple's walls and just barely managed to grab onto the cliff's edge. Emily, furious, levitated a large rock and collapsed it onto Gabilan. After being taken out of the rubble by Emily, he told the stonekeeper that the amulet had i's own agenda and that when it fulfilled its goal, she would die like the rest. Emily ignored the warning and threw Gabilan out of the temple and off the side of the floating island. Gabilan landed safely onto his stormbird and the two rode off.


Gabilan is a very skilled and prideful mercenary, and believes that his client should have no reason to doubt him. While he seems to be greedy and aggressive, he can also be somewhat generous and easygoing. Despite his position as an assassin, he seems to possess some bit of morality, as he initially questions the Elf King's motives for wanting to kill his own son and is even friendly to Logi.

After extracting an elf guard's memory at a bar, the other questions Gabilan for committing such an act against his own kind. Gabilan turns to the soldier and tells him that he is, in fact, the only one of his kind – suggesting that he is very neutral toward both humans and elves, and views them as equal adversaries. Likewise, he is disgusted by stonekeepers, as he believes their powers were simply given and not earned.

In Firelight, Gabilan captures Cogsley and Enzo in order to tell him where Emily Hayes is. At the end of this book, he was about to shoot the phoenix [her]. Also, Gabilan sent Emily and Trellis on a submarine ride to enter Trellis's stolen memories in order for them to figure out more details about Trellis's past, the Elf King and The Voice.


Gabilan is great in hand-to-hand combat, and is also an expert weaponsmith. Hidden in compartment around his wrists are a metal shield and blade, which are capable of absorbing, and redirecting the energy from amulets respectively, as demonstrated with Emily and Trellis.

His deadliest weapon is a memory extractor, which led Luger, Trellis, Enzo, and one of the Elf King's troops to suffer serious amnesia. The device also allows him to view their memories.

He also wields a gun that was, according to him, made to kill stonekeepers and humans.



  • Gabilan has appeared in books 3 and 7.
  • On the back cover of The Cloud Searchers, Gabilan is shown wielding a bow, although he was never seen using a bow in the book.
  • Gabilan's most distinguishing trait are his eyes, which are yellow and the pupils are round, instead of slid.
    • In The Cloud Searchers, he stated he is the last of his kind, implying he belongs to a near-extinct variant of elves. If he is, it may explain his different eyes.
  • As of Firelight, it is currently unknown if Gabilan survived the destruction of the underwater fortress after it was destroyed by Emily.
  • He owns a stormbird, which was a species his family used to breed at a farm before they were attacked.