Frontera was a city in Windsor bordering Gulfen.

History Edit

In the "Prince of the Elves"  after rescuing Layra and her family from Yarboro Prison ,Max Griffin arranges for them to be transported to Frontera where they can travel to  the safety of  Gulfen however that was before her airship got destroyed by a Cielis police airship killing everyone on board.Then in"Prince of the Elves" 50 years later after releasing the mountain giant Chronos, Max follows through with the Elf King's orders to completely destroy Frontera ,and leave no survivors. Readers aren't aware that as revealed in "Firelight", Frontera is an underground base for The Resistance, and housed a space program that Navin, Miskit, Leon, Navin's Mom, and Aly later vist before being sent to the overground base.

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