The Firebird is the alternate form of Emily Hayes when she loses control of the stone.

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Emily's transformation

History Edit

After Emily lost control of the stone, it transformed her into a giant firebird. Emily soon destroyed the underwater fortress and flies off. As the Firebird soars in the night sky, meanwhile within her subconscious, The Voice had begun to manipulate her mind.

Physical Attributes Edit

Her entire body is purely fire in the shape of a magnificent eagle, temperatures boiling hot enough to withstand freezing, deep ocean temperatures. She has piercing red-orange eyes.

Abilities Edit

Flight- With wings comprised of flames, she is seen to be able to fly.

Extremely hot temperature- The fire that engulfs her body seemingly cannot be extinguished, even within the depths of the ocean.

Fire breath- The Firebird can release a pillar of fire from her beak, similar to a dragon. She is seen using this as she attempts to incinerate Trellis as he is escaping, but he blocks the attack with a shield.

enchanted strength- In Supernova, she picks up people and throws them around, and even once lifts a large wooden beam, freeing someone trapped underneath it

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • With Emily only being in this form at the end of Firelight, she may have more untapped abilities.
  • With Trellis being tasked with returning her to her normal form, we have yet to see how her transformation will be reversed.
  • Emily's transformation is likely symbolism of her anger over her father's death consuming her like fire.

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