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Enzo is an airship captain and pilot whom Emily and company first encounter at a bar. Like the people in Kanalis, he was affected by a generational disease giving him the appearance of a human-animal hybrid. He is one of the few who believes Cielis still exists.


Enzo left his lover, Selina, and spent 10 years searching for the flying city of Cielis, but later gave up after his efforts proved unsuccessful.

At The Drinking Hole, Enzo and Rico noticed Emily, Miskit, and Leon enter through the doorway in search of an airship pilot who could direct them to Cielis. Rico urged Enzo to help them, but Enzo tried his best to shove him off and ignore Emily's crew. When Leon approached the two and asked to be taken to Cielis, Enzo replied that it would be impossible and that they were wasting their time.

After refusing a few more times, Leon presented them with a partially-complete map of Cielis, but again, Enzo refuses. After two elves enter the bar in search of Trellis and Luger, Emily intercepts in order to defend them and defeats the guards with her stone. The skirmish convinces Enzo to have them hitch a ride, and Trellis and Luger follow.

While on the ship, Enzo gets everyone to work through maintenance. The crew stop to refuel at Selina's Station and spend the night. While Selina initially despises Enzo after what had happened years prior, the two are able to reconcile that night, and before setting back off, Enzo is told by her that there will be a job waiting for him at the station when he finally decided to settle down. Eventually, they are able to successfully reach Cielis.



Enzo is a cat-human hybrid with grey fur and dark brown markings around his face, as well as a bushy mustache. He is typically seen smoking a pipe. He wears a brown vest and a blue aviator cap.


Enzo is a gruff, short-tempered, sarcastic man, but has also displayed a more lighthearted, lovable mannerism. He is a dedicated pilot and still longed to find Cielis after he gave up his attempt.



  • As Trellis is seen reading it on the Luna Moth, It is implied that Enzo owns a book titled “memory walk”