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"I may not be as clever as Max, or as skilled as Ronin, but don't ask me if I'm ready. Because no matter what happens, I'll have to be."
Emily to Vigo while doing a tribute at the end of The Last Council

The trio of Emily, Leon, and Miskit.

Emily Halley Hayes, commonly Emily, or Em in short, is the main, primary female protagonist of Kazu Kibuishi's comic-book/graphic-novel series Amulet. She's also a stonekeeper and the heir of her great-grandfather, Silas Charnon, as well as a leading member of the Resistance and Guardian Council. She's the daughter of her parents Karen and David, great-granddaughter of Silas Charnon, and the older/big sister of Navin.

She has demonstrated herself to be an adequately skilled fighter and stonekeeper, even though she has much to learn about the true nature of her stone. Her goal upon entering Alledia was to find a cure for the illness her mother, Karen, who had contracted after being stung by an Arachnopod. However, she remained in Alledia after her mother was cured in order to lend support to the fight against Elf Prince Trellis's evil father, the Elf King and later the voice of her stone spirit (as well as trying to fulfill her true ambition to bring back her father). Her main skill as a Stonekeeper is attacking.

Physical Appearance and Apparel[]

Emily's most notable features are straight, shoulder-length auburn hair, brown eyes, a pale skin tinge, and a average figure-build. Slung low around her neck is a dark-tan necklace featuring a shiny pink/hot-pink/magenta/fuchsia charm and the markings in the shape of Ikol's face and gold hems. You can see her look start to mature throughout the books.

In the prologue of Book I, she wore a long-sleeved mauvish-crimson shirt layered under a pair of navy-blue overalls and dark-pink shoes. In the present, she wears a mauvish-pink hoodie with a pair of white drawstrings layered over a white T-shirt, a pair of blue-gray pants, and dark-pink-and-white sneakers. Served as a stonekeeper, Em wears a button-up cerulean shirt over a pale-cyan one, navy-blue pants, and the same shoes as well as a long, hooded yellow-tan cape.

Afterwards, she wears a long-sleeved pale-cyan shirt layered under a button-up cerulean tunic-like mini-dress and a pair of pale-turquoise leggings under a pair of lace-up brownish-olive knee-length combat-boots as well as matching elbow-high glovelettes on each forearm, wrist, and hand. She also still wears the same yellow-tan cloak.


The Stonekeeper[]

Emily and her mother Karen, and her husband David went on a road-trip to travel to pick up Navin. But then suddenly and unfortunately, the three were involved in a car accident that caused David's life to vanish; this event changed the family's life drastically.

Emily saving and defending Navin from the conebeak.

Two years later, Karen decides to escape the strenuous life as a single mother living in the city supporting two kids by moving into an old woodland house that the family had inherited from the kids' great-grandfather, Silas Charnon. During the car ride there, Emily is shown to be quieter and more subdued, especially compared to how she acted during the car ride that led up to the car accident years earlier. While cleaning out their new residence, Emily discovers Silas's old study, littered with blueprints and strange devices. She approaches the podium in the middle of the room, and leaves through the book on it, unaware of a shadowy being watching her, which flees when her family arrives. Her mother says Silas was a puzzle maker who disappeared one day when he locked himself inside his house. Karen insists that Silas is not someone to emulate when Emily tries to use the artifacts of Silas’ genius around the room as proof that attending a new school and learning things that are “not useful in the real world”, like algebra, are not worth her time and that she could be like Silas and learn more on her own, with Karen stating, “It’s better to lead a normal life." Once Karen leaves, Emily discovers a hand print under the book that flashes with light and flips around to reveal a mysterious necklace, which she has Navin tie around her neck, promising to let him have a turn to wear after her turn, since she found it first. What she was not aware of was that the necklace had mysteriously tied itself, leaving her brother dumbfounded. Emily tells her brother not to tell their mother about the discovery.

Later that night, a eerie voice warns Emily to watch out for her family as there is danger nearby. When Karen goes to the basement to investigate a noise, she is captured by an Arachnopod and the two kids go after it through a strange door in the basement. The kids initially descend the staircase that was behind that door cautiously, but the steps leading back up start disappearing rapidly, causing the kids to panic and rush down the staircase to whatever lies at the end of the stairs, appearing in a strange land they later learned is called Alledia. Emily and Navin pursue the Arachnopod through a strange cavern. They are able to locate their mother, but their attempts to confront the monster and free her to fail and Navin gets eaten by the creature while Emily frees herself using the amulet. Their mother pushes Navin out the Arachnopod before it manages to get away from the kids. The children continue to travel through the cavern, while the Voice of Emily's amulet tells her where to go. They narrowly avoid an Arachnopod by using mushrooms as parachutes to guide them down to safer ground. Emily starts to learn more about how to use the stone's power, guided and encouraged by the Voice, by blasting a bird trying to peck a hole in Navin's mushroom, which would have caused him to plummet to his death.

They approach a lake with a house on a hill in the middle of it. A mysterious figure[1] coming from the house in a rowboat spots them when it docks, and the children run in the opposite direction, only to be confronted by the menacing figure who had been following them. The figure stuns the young elf and urges the children to escape before the elf regains consciousness. Left with no better options, the kids enter the rowboat, which propels them across the lake to the Charnon House.

The figure reveals himself as Miskit, a pink rabbit-like robot. Miskit goes on to explain Emily's reason for having been brought to Alledia while passing by the other household robots. They introduce Emily to Silas, where she gets to speak to him for the first and last time before he passes away after explaining the decision that Emily must make; discard the stone that she had found or gained its great power that can help save her mother, but with a great price. After Silas passes the house and the robots shut down after urging her to make the right choice. While Navin remains apprehensive about the stone, Emily is ultimately convinced by the Voice to choose the stone, reactivating the house and the visibly relieved robots.

Miskit aids Emily in finding Karen by allowing her and Navin the use of the Albatross in order to pursue the Arachnopod that had abducted their mother. They travel through a tunnel, narrowly avoiding Rakers that attempt to seize the aircraft. Once they exit the tunnel, they immediately spot a clan of Arachnopod traveling uphill. Emily spots her mother in one of them. The gang uses a harpoon to help slow the fast-moving Arachnopod, and Miskit uses what he thinks is a tranquilizer to sedate the creature, realizing that he had accidentally brought vitamin supplements instead when the creature doesn't show signs of tiring. Emily attempts to pull her mother out of the creature's pores but to no avail. She promises that she will free Karen as the Arachnopod breaks free and gets away, and the Albatross flies away, crashing in the woods below.

Emily runs up a rocky slope and witnesses the elf from before destroying the Arachnopod and freeing her mother with the power of his own stone. The elf is revealed to be Prince Trellis and holds Karen captive in an attempt to urge Emily to kill his father, the Elf King. Emily yells at him to release her mother and uses her stone to force him down, unknowingly destroying Sybrian in the process, the dark scout that had controlled Trellis. Despite the Voice's attempt to get her to kill him, she lets him go and tells him to keep away from her family, and Trellis wisely flees. While Emily is able to retrieve Karen, her mother is stuck in a coma after having been poisoned by the Arachnopod.

Emily, Miskit, and Navin then return to the Charnon House with an unconscious Karen. Miskit tells the children that in order to find an elixir for their mother, they must travel to the port-town of Kanalis, located near Demon's Head Mountain. The house emerges from the ground as a mobilized mech and exits the caverns through a hole located above where the house was located, and they head to Kanalis.

The Stonekeeper's Curse[]

Emily watching over her mother.

While en route to Kanalis, Emily worries very much about Karen. Emily appears to sit at her mother's bedside constantly. Morrie tells Emily that he feels a strange presence in te room like it is not just him, Emily, and Karen there. He ends up leaving after Emily claims she can't feel it. The Voice then appears to Emily and tells her that she should have killed the prince while she had the chance. Her stone warns her that a battle will follow soon and that the elves will stop at nothing to kill her.

Once Emily and crew arrive in Kanalis, they are able to find a hospital clinic, almost getting ambushed along the way. The doctor tells them that he can not do anything, but that the only possible cure is the fruit of the Gadoba Trees, which are located in the Demon's Head Mountain. Leon Redbeard, a sword-fighting fox whom Emily had met earlier and saved them from an ambush, then appears, and he introduces himself and offers to help the stone keeper. While Miskit is still reluctant to trust Leon, Emily accepts his offer when Luger, another elf stonekeeper, locates them and destroys the hospital with cannon fire. Leon helps to lead everyone underground to escape through the subways. Leon tells Emily to come with him, much to Navin's outrage at the thought of them having to be separated. Emily reassures him that everything will be fine, while Miskit insists that he accompany them as Emily's guide.

Emily, Miskit, and Leon travel through the sewers back up to the surface, but Leon insists that they need to travel over the rooftops to avoid detection. Emily uses her power to levitate both Miskit and her up to the roofs and over gaps. They continue to travel over the roofs, but they are immediately spotted by elf soldiers. The elves inform Luger of this sighting, and they are instructed to pursue them. When the elves catch up to them, Leon clashes in a swordfight with one elf. Emily attempts to help Leon, but is unable to control the blast and almost hits Leon while obliterating the other elf with her stone. The other elves witness Emily's power, refuse to fight her, and ran away. The three make their way to Demon's Head Mountain shortly afterward.

Leon continues to tell Emily about her powers and responsibilities as a stonekeeper. After awhile, they come across the only passage to the Gadoba trees, which is blocked by dynamite, and Emily learns to direct her power so as to not blow them up. Unfortunately, the stone almost takes control of her, but her belief in her friends helps her evade its influence. They find the Gadoba Trees, sentient beings, that tells them of the Gadoba fruit's power and the unfortunate outcome that would result from having picked the wrong one. Emily picks a fruit using her amulet and tests its safety by eating a small portion of it. Miskit is shocked and concerned for her safety when she immediately spits it out, but Emily informs them that the fruit only tastes bad and that she is not otherwise adversely affected. While traveling away from the Gadobas, Emily notices that a fire has erupted among the trees. Leon deduces that Luger was able to find the Gadobas by following their trail.

While on Demon's Head Mountain, the three are confronted by Luger and his crawler hound. Emily manages to destroy the large beast with her stone, but the stone again attempts to take over and Emily is rendered helpless attempting to fight it. Luger immediately attacks them, defeating Miskit and Leon with relative ease. When approaching an incapacitated Emily, Trellis intercepts and attacks Luger, having been beaten unconscious by Luger in attempt to keep him out of the way. Luger allows his stone to take control of his being in order to beat them, and he transforms into a colossal giant. He deals a devastating blow to Trellis and then turns on Emily, Miskit and Leon. As the three are sent falling off the edge of the cliff, Navin catches them just in time with the Charnon House.

Emily struggling to regain control from the stone.

However, Emily is still weak as a result of the stone's growing power. When she regains control, Emily uses her powers to help keep the house together while battling Luger. They manage to deal several blows to the elf, before finally sending him spiraling down a cliff and out of sight. This expends Emily's endurance and she collapses, to the worry of her brother. When Emily awakes, she finds her mother well again, as she apparently was administered the cure. Emily's family ultimately chose to remain with Emily in Alledia, despite the dangers they are now faced with.[2]

The Cloud Searchers[]

Emily preventing Elf Prince Trellis and Luger from getting tortured and annihilated by the elf guards.

Emily and company later pursue the lost city of Cielis, in hopes that they could find help from the most powerful stonekeepers. In order to do so, however, the group is forced to leave the Charnon House behind, as it would make them too easy to track.

In the nearby town of Nautilis, Emily, Navin, Leon, and Miskit initiate a search for a captain and crew. They start at a bar, but have no luck finding one until encountering Rico and Enzo, whose also interested in finding the city, having thought to have seen it once, though they are doubtful at first. But after watching in amazement as Emily swiftly saves Trellis and Luger from being tortured for treason, they agree. Just barely escaping the Elf army, Emily and company leave on Rico and Enzo's ship, taking Luger and Trellis with them.

While on Enzo's airship, Leon begins to teach Emily how to defend herself using her stone. She quickly masters it, but only seconds later they are attacked by wyverns, losing Cogsley and Miskit in the process.

The crew later stops to get gas at Selina's Station, staying for the night, and then taking off. Eventually, the crew find an odd temple floating amidst the clouds. As Emily and Leon explore the temple, Navin and Karen are attacked by the assassin, Gabilan, who had infiltrated the ship during their pitstop. When Gabilan enters the temple holding Karen hostage, Emily and Trellis combine efforts to save her and defeat the elf. They are all then greeted by Max Griffin, another stonekeeper, who agrees to take them all to Cielis himself.[3]

The Last Council[]

On the aircraft they are traveling on, Emily has a dream in which she has a discussion with the Voice, who warns her of something at the end of the Hall of Kings. After arriving in Cielis, she and her family are guided by Max to their quarters, but after he leaves they realize that their door is locked. Navin asks Emily why she cannot just blast through the door with her stone, but Emily replies that the stone's power has been very weak upon them entering the Academy grounds.

In the middle of the night, Cole Duncan and his guards take Emily to the training grounds, where she and the other stonekeepers are to be tested. She enters the Void where she stops a fight between Pierce and another stonekeeper and runs from the Ghouls with Ronin, Max, and Pierce. While going through a version of a game, Emily notices that the panels which Ronin steps on are not glowing. When asked, Ronin replies that she only wants to go home. In the end, it turns out that Ronin and Pierce have been dead the entire time and Emily discovers that Max is the traitor, and yells at him. It turns out that he was only after the Mother Stone, where all the stonekeeper's' stones are cut out from, and that the Guardian Council has been gone for a long time, with everything having been a powerful illusion. When Max gives her a decision to leave with her family or join him with the Elf King to make a new Guardian Council, she chooses to leave with her family.

At the end of the story, Emily sees Vigo Light using his amulet to create a bird to honor the fallen stonekeepers, and joins him.

Prince of the Elves[]

In the beginning of the book, the background story of Max is revealed. When he was young, he was great friends with a young elf girl named Layra. However, Max's father is disapproving of their friendship. Later on, Layra's parents are put into prison. Infuriated, Max goes to save them. He arranges for them to meet Layra and for an airship to take them to Frontera. Unfortunately, just as they leave the dock, they are shot down by another airship, leaving Max devastated.

Shortly after, he is sentenced to fifty years in the Ice Prison of Korthan for aiding in the escape of war prisoners and he would face trial in prison for his actions leading to the deaths of four soldiers. While attempting to escape, he gets badly injured and almost dies. He is only kept alive as he gave in to the stone and is kept young so that he can avenge Layra.

Fifty years later (present), Max, who is loyal to the elves, heads to the Ice Prison of Korthan to give the Mountain Giant Chronos a piece of the Mother Stone so that he can fight for them in the war. After that, Max takes orders from the Elf King, who tells him to begin the march by taking the city of Frontera.

Meanwhile, Emily and Trellis are training so as to sharpen their skills for the fight ahead. After training, Emily head to the chamber of the old Guardian Council with Trellis, and asks Vigo whether he has found out what happened to the old Guardian Council. She is then shown a meeting which shows Max and Silas Charon conversing. Vigo tells her that Silas Charnon had espoused the idea that the Void, a dreamspace built of Stonekeeper memories and a place where Stonekeepers can go to examine their past and even communicate with one another, was real, and could allow one to alter reality. He then says that he used to be classmates with Max at the Academy, and that if they were dealing with the same young man he knew back then, their real troubles had only just begun.

In the meantime, Navin has joined the Colossus Pilot Program. As he walks along with his new teammate Alyson Hunter, he sees Emily looking at Frontera being sieged by Max and Chronos with Vigo. She states that Lucien will be next, and that although their army is formidable, they will be overwhelmed. Emily then replies that they will defend Lucien. She is then shown boarding the Lunar Moth with Vigo.

Later on, she has a discussion with the voice, which involves the stone and Max. When Emily asks whether it is possible Max might be controlled by his stone, the Voice ends the discussion. Seeking out Vigo and finding out that he is not asleep, Emily finds out what he has lost due to Silas' ignorance about the Void. When she is about to tell him about the Voice, the frigates transporting the pilots and Colossus units are attacked by Chronos and Max. Finding out Trellis is unable to help due to his consciousness being in the Void, Emily goes to Vigo for help, but instead she is told to stay away and eventually falls off the ship due to the blast of power from her own, Vigo's and Max's stones.

She then goes into the Void to rescue Trellis, and later on he repays the debt by getting her out from Max's memories. She, Vigo and Trellis are then found by the Luna Moth, Navin and Aly. Onboard the Luna Moth, she thanks Trellis for "going back to save her".

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.41.34 PM.png

Escape from Lucien[]

Preparing for a big battle ahead, Emily found herself dealing with Max Griffin. He invited Vigo, Trellis and herself to his ship. Then, he convinced them to help him hunt down the voice and be rid of him.

When they got to the void where they were planning to get rid of the voice, Max ended up getting killed, but before that, he told Emily to find Algos island.

Then, Emily, Vigo, and Trellis head onto the elf ship, which is about to explode. There’s only one escape pod, so Trellis, Emily, and Vigo make a shield around the elves, as the ship falls down. Then, they run into Riva and the town of Lucien, having just escaped.


Transformation sequence of Emily unconsolably morphing into a phoenix when she loses control of her amulet.

Young Emily and her father traverse through the woods, finally coming to a low cliff. Intending to teach Emily how to climb, David continuously gives her advice on how to tackle the activity and she eventually succeeds. She is then awarded at the summit, seeing a beautiful view of a waterfall and calls for her father to hurry up. Now besides her, David tells that it was a shame her brother and mother wasn't there to see it but assures him they can always bring back pictures. As dusk arrives and night starts to settle, Emily and her father sat at their camp, roasting marshmallows at the fire yet she has set a deep frown, prompting her father to ask what's wrong as she's been quiet. She admits that it was the camping trip, confusing her father a bit, until she clarifies this event never happened, the marshmallow on fire. This confuses David further, telling her that it is happening right now yet Emily still rejects this. The reality now settling in, she remembers that they discussed taking this trip back when Navin and Karen were visiting their aunt yet it never continued due to the week before the trip there was a car accident and David did not survive. Her father tells her that it's just a bad dream and everything's alright, Emily admits she wishes it was true, now starting to cry, but bitterly acknowledges that it's not. She tearfully runs to hug his father and he tells her father that she misses him as much as Karen and Navin do, and her father tells her he misses her too, yet he disperses into light, revealing everything was truly fake all along. Broken, the young Emily sobs into her hands, before lifting her head and glare at the fire, matching its ferocity with her rage before waking up.

The real Emily soon wakes up, the beginning revealed to be another dream, and Rico greets her, and Emily changes into her clothes, and goes out the door of her cabin.

Meanwhile, Trellis and Vigo look for Algos Island on a map, prompting Enzo to tell them that he is not surprised they could not find the island, since he had never heard of it before. He asks them what is on the island, demanding half of it. Trellis reveals they are going to look for his memories, so they can use them to their own advantage.

They find a supply station instead, and Emily, Trellis and Vigo go out to search for answers at the station. They find a frightened, old man who bitterly tells them ("you stonekeepers have taken everything away from me. My family, my home. All I have left now is my life. Are you here to take that away too?) Emily stammers, saying that she was here to help. the man transforms into light, saying that she was much too late. Another woman, pushing a big bowl of soup and gives them some, free of charge. She too, turns into light, prompting Emily to ask Vigo if they were ghosts. He tells her that they are memories, saying that the history of the station was revealing itself to them. Trellis asks how is that possible since the walls of the station did not contain any magic. Vigo tells him that he wished he could tell him that it had something to do is near Algos Island, but the truth was that he didn't know. Emily approaches a wall, telling the two of them that there was a reason why they couldn't find the island on the map. She points to the wall behind her, saying that they were already here. They go back to the ship, surprised to see Gablin being taken hostage by Enzo and Rico, and the two explain that he was caught snooping around the ship.

Gabilan takes trellis and Emily under the ocean and shows them the memory cube that contains Trellis’ memories. Emily and trellis go inside it, and then when they want to get out, they see a purple portal, a blue one, and an orange one. Trellis thinks they should go in the orange one because they came in through an orange portal, but Emily sees her father in the blue portal and jumps into it. The two then appear beside an unidentifiable stranger and go into the stranger’s car as he drives away. The man is suicidal, attempting to drive off the very cliff that Emily’s family’s car crashed on all those years ago, and we see Emily’s family’s car swerving to avoid the crashing car of the unidentified stranger. Emily rushes over and saves her dad, and her dad asks where the person who was standing on the road is. Emily knows where he went, but Trellis stops her from going, saying she is interfering too much. Emily then burns him and says to leave her alone. They follow the person who was on the road, and the voice tells Emily to “Make Him Pay”. She tries to stop The Amulet, but she can’t. She tells Trellis, who was following her, to wake her up and bring her back. She soon loses control and turns into a Firebird. It is then revealed that the Dad was actually The Voice, and it was a plan to manipulate her and lose control of herself. The Firebird chases Trellis, and Trellis just barely escapes, along with the cube with his memories. The Firebird then bursts out of the sea and flies off.


Trellis finds himself in a missing memory of his, where he finds his younger self and mother freezing and starving in the cold. When he and his younger self find his mother dead, he realizes this is why his father, the Elf King, wiped the memory from his mind. When he returns, Riva and Patrick try to convince everyone that they are safer in the city, not Charnon House, which he is right about, but almost nobody listens. Then, Emily in her Firebird form attacks the house until a resident helps her regain some amount of control. She wakes up in the void, where a creature made of Dark Matter welcomes her. Irked by all the people staring at her, she asks why are they staring? The creature said that it was not important and that "master" is waiting. Emily is then taken to meet a boy her age named Moze, who says he comes to the Void when he needs to think. From there, her voice reveals himself and they converse, after which, saying their goodbyes to Moze and the old woman (who is proved to be an older version of herself and Moze is her future son) who prepares for battle with the voice.

Emily asks the voice its name (ikol) and she says that now Ikol is following her, not the other way around, and asks if it trusts her, to which it says yes. Then, they go to the Elf King's fortress where she finally defeats him once and for all, on her way to return to Alledia.

Emily travels to Cielis, meets up with Trellis and Vigo. and then launches herself into space with the stone‘s power, trying to get to Typhon.


Emily was first shown to be happy and carefree. After the car accident that kills her father, Emily becomes more serious and determined. She does what she can to keep her family from falling apart, even going to extreme lengths to help her loved ones, such as accepting the stone's power in order to save her mother. She is very stubborn, not willing to change her mind easily when she has to make a decision. She is also somewhat reclusive, rarely sharing her troubles with others. She does have a selfish side when she has a goal in mind, not relenting until she has completed what she sets out to do and unintentionally causing harm. And at the same time, she is shown to have a slightly gullible side, after stating "We have bigger problems to focus on than each other," to Ikol after he asked if she saw him as an adversary, even though he served the shadows and does everything that he has done in their favor instead of truly Emily's in the long-run which he claimed. Under all her stubbornness and determination however, Emily harbors deep anger and sadness about her Father's death and wants to reverse what happened more than anything, even though impossible to do. She is obviously reckless, impulsive and at times can be wrongfully headstrong. However, underneath that hardened exterior is a damaged and sympathetic person.

Powers and Abilities at Tasks[]

Emily infusing the energy of her stone with her staff to block an oncoming attack.

As a stonekeeper, Emily utilizes her amulet mainly as an offence and uses it to practice using stone magic. She's mentored/taught by Leon and Vigo, both of whom pared to most stonekeepers, Emily is acceptably skilled at utilizing her power, learning its basics. She often wields a wooden staff to aid in battle and infuses the energy of her stone for improved damage. Her amulet responds to her thoughts, granting her numerous abilities, including energy attacks (ranging from singular blasts to powerful shock waves), telekinesis (lifting, sometimes throwing objects), and even levitating herself considerable distances. Most of the time, however, her powers react to her negative emotions, causing rather destructive damage to her enemies or environment. This is shown in book one when they go through the tunnel. When they are returning Charnon House, she unwittingly kills the squidlike creatures in the walls.

As with most stonekeepers, however, Emily does not always have complete jurisdiction over her actions, due to the stone's Voice having a will of its own and occasionally overpowering Emily, such as during the battle against Luger at Demon's Head Mountain. Fortunately, Emily manages to overcome the urge to let the entity possess her completely. For this, the Voice can act as a necessary guide on Emily's journey, but just as equally a malevolent and pervasive threat to her being.

Unfortunately, her resistance ebbed away by Book 7 when the Voice used her grief and rage over her father's death against her, causing her to lose control and transform into a colossal beast, a phoenix.

She did manage to escape the influence of the voice and burst from her phoenix, as seen in Book 8. She discovered a huge life ahead of her, but she didn't see (SPOILER AHEAD): that she fell to the power of the Voice (also known as 'Ikol') and it is not sure right now if her future self is lost forever, or is trapped forever in the Void. She came back to Cielis and is currently trying to help Karen and Navin.


Family Relationships[]

Karen Hayes[]

As Emily's mother, the two share a very close bond. Emily sometimes judges what Karen is trying to do as we see in book one when Emily says, "That's not what Dad would have done." Emily desperately pursues Karen when she is captured by an arachnopod, and after her mother was poisoned by the creature, she attempts to find an antidote despite the odds she faces. After the death of David, the mother and daughter, including Navin, maintain a very close relationship as a family and Karen ultimately chooses to stay with Emily after Emily refuses to go back to Earth.[4] Karen is shown being impressed by the maturity her children show when interacting with the friends they have made so far in Alledia. While overnight at Selina's Station, Emily awakes from a nightmare induced by her stone, which eventually leads her to have a genuinely heartfelt and meaningful discussion with her mother. Karen assures Emily that being a single mother after David's death carries a similar pressure to Emily's own, and that what Emily needs is the confidence to trust herself in her ability to succeed.

Navin Hayes[]

While initially seeing Navin as quite a bit of an immature younger brother, as shown when she is reluctant to allow him to pilot the Luna Moth,[5] she seems to develop a deeper respect for him after witnessing his technological and leadership skills. Due to the responsibilities imposed on them after entering Alledia, both siblings develop not only in their overall maturity but in their relationship and willingness to work together as well. During the various occasions Emily and Navin are separated while in Alledia, they worry about each other's safety often and even embrace whenever reunited. Navin is an amazing pilot and can be seen keeping everyone out of danger with his skills.

David Hayes[]

Emily shared a very contented and loving relationship with her father. Even up until the current books (Most recent; Supernova Book #8) after the car accident which led to his death, the anguish seems to still weigh rather heavily on Emily's mind, altering her outlook on life and causing her to become generally more solemn and reclusive. While unfortunate, David's death seems to have initiated an important and close bond between Emily, her mother and brother. Emily's determination to curing her mother after she is poisoned by an arachnopod was heavily driven by the fact that she is not prepared to lose yet another person she loves.


As revealed in book eight (Supernova), Emily will eventually have a son named Moze. Present Emily initially met Moze in the Void, but is currently unaware that he is her son. Future Emily was seen to love Moze dearly when she was a mother. There is no clue yet as who the father may be, or if Moze could be adopted as the two have quite different, distinguishable features between the two.


Vigo Light: A wise stonekeeper and a respected mentor to Emily. Meeting Vigo has made a profound impact on Emily's journey and through him has she been able to learn more about the stone and her ancestor Silas Charon. With Vigo's help, she becomes a strong stonekeeper, and learns more about the past and he helped her especially with the issues with Max as he knew him personally.

Miskit: Emily's guide. The two are on very familiar terms. Miskit views it as his newfound purpose to help and guide Emily. Emily was visibly distraught when he and Cogsley are abducted by the wyvern. He is known to be close to Silas Charon. Miskit wants Emily to be the best stonekeeper she can be, and they both have a mutual respect, trust, and care for one another.

Leon Redbeard: Leon is an experienced hunter and warrior, as well as quite knowledgeable on the stone's power. His father was killed when the Elf King was reunited with his stone, but he is not motivated by vengeance, and instead wants to help fight the Elf King as a way to honour his Father. At some point Leon was called upon by a soon to be discovered fake Guardian Council to train and deliver Emily to Cielis, and that became his primary goal from there. Leon and Emily are often seen training together. Leon helped Emily to control the power of the stone, instead of the stone controlling her. He also went on and taught her how to defend and how not to burn things with her stone's powers.

Trellis: Initially mortal enemies, these two developed an unlikely friendship over the course of the series. They have both saved each other's lives multiple times, even before they were allies. Thus, this led to them starting to trust and care for each other, having each other's backs loyally. Trellis believes Emily is the better stonekeeper, however, Emily sees Trellis as a person who helps people better than her. Trellis specializes in using his stone for defensive purposes, while Emily specializes in using them for offensive purposes. They both hold each other as equals, although there were times Emily got her way because Trellis complies. However, after the events that took place in the void (Firelight, Book #7), it could be determined that their relationship with each other was shaken to a degree. Despite this, Trellis still holds much admiration for Emily nonetheless and care for her well-being. However in contrast it could be determined that Emily seems to be avoidant on talking about what happened in the void, as nobody except her family truly knows what happened in said memory. Nonetheless, she still cares for him.

Alyson Hunter: Not many interactions have been seen between the two, however they both seem to hold a mutual respect for each other. Emily has expressed her trust for her to keep Navin safe.

Enzo + Rico: Initially, they had just mutual respect for one another, conducting a business deal in order to get to Cielis. However, over time Emily began to have comradery with Enzo and Rico, as they continued to support her friends/family and her.

Gabilan: Initially, Gabilan had attempted to murder both Trellis and Emily, and readied to kill Emily's Mother and Brother if necessary. It was later discovered he'd been behind stealing Trellis and Luger's memories, even of each other, as well as tying up Cogsley and using him as bait to steal memories from Enzo. Despite this all however, Emily seems to have a sudden change of heart and trusts him in order to help get Trellis's memories back.