The Elf King was the oppressive and cruel ruler of the Elf Kingdom which is located in the region of Alledia known as Gulfen, and clearly had the intention of expanding and conquering all of Alledia through military force.


Early Life Edit

The Elf King was originally a quiet boy from a small elf village. Thirty years before the books take place, he was among a group of Stonekeepers that lost control over their stones and abilities causing their minds and bodies to become possessed by their stones. The possessed stonekeepers transformed into colossal beasts that went on a rampage that ended only when members of the Guardian Council, including Emily's great grandfather Silas Charnon, stepped in managed to subdue the beasts.

Doing so resulted in the corrupt stonekeepers' deaths. The sole exception was the future king, as the elders were able to separate him from his stone. Instead of executing him , they locked him up in solitary confinement in an attempt to cure him of his curse. While isolated, however, the boy spoke only of his desire for power, warned of dark days to come as well as telling them would regret keeping him alive, and he would show them why.

Leon Redbeard's father was a one of the guards assigned to watch over the boy's prison cell the night his stone rejoined him. The stone helped the boy escape by the means of a massive explosion, killing everyone present.

The Elf King's youngest son, Prince Trellis, recalled that he had hardly ever seen his father's face but due to curiosity and the prodding of an old memory, had once snuck up to his chamber. There he witnessed him relieve the traditional mask current kings are sworn to wear. He then saw that the Elf King's face was as deformed and as lifeless as a corpse due to the fact that the Elf King, as Trellis concluded, was actually corpse resurrected and animated by the entity inside the Elf King's stone via dark magic.


The Elf King is initially mentioned in"The Stonekeeper," however it isn't till near the end during a conflict between Emily and Trellis that the Elf King is most directly referred to while Trellis attempts to convince Emily to help destroy his father via threatening her mother's life. But he is forced to reconsider when Emily threatens to destroy him using her own stone's power.

At the beginning of "The Stonekeeper's Curse" the Elf King is shown for the first time when Trellis is captured and brought back to the palace by royal guards. The King expresses his disappointment in Trellis's failure.To insure that Trellis does not fail again,or begin to rebel, the Elf King sends his second-in- command, Luger, to accompany him, along with his permission for the prince to be killed should he show hesitation. A brief battle between the Charnon House and Luger ends with Luger's defeat when he is sent spiraling down a cliff.

At the beginning of "The Cloud Searchers," The Elf King is seen twice.The first time being after Trellis has located Luger and uses an Elf communication devices to inform the Elf King that they will not be returning as he ordered, but instead disobey him and continue on. The second is when The Elf King is instructing a skilled bounty hunter named Gabilan on his targets.

The king is only mentioned in the Last Council, but is seen again in the Prince of the Elves as he emerges from a carriage to be introduced to Chronos, a mountain giant frozen in a glacier, by Max Griffin at the ice prison of Ice Prison of Korthan. He gives Max permission to release the beast and begin an attack on Frontera in which no survivors are to be left.

At the beginning of Escape from Lucien, the Elf King speaks to Max, asking him about a voice that comes from the amulet. Max lies about it and the king believes him. In Firelight, The Elf King only appears in Trellis' old memory from the Cortex. He injures Trellis' eye and then puts Trellis under the control of Sybrian.

In Supernova, Logi surrenders the Elf Army to Trellis under orders of the Elf King. After Emily breaks free from The Voice aka Ikol, she goes to the Elf King palace and reveals that the Elf King was dead. All along, he was under the control of Ikol. He collapses and asks Emily to lead the elves but Emily says that they already have a king. Later, Emily goes back to Celis and tells Trellis that he can freely rebuild his kingdom.

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