Elves are one of the two primary inhabitants of Alledia .

History Edit

Elves, along with humans, are intelligent creatures that colonized Alledia centuries before the events in Amulet. They are the most proficient of settlers, maintaining some of the most advanced technology and architecture found in Alledia.

They are a monarchist society, having one king to lead them. The first king is hailed as the Erlking, whom many of the kings afterward model in appearance. They have a long list of kings after that, one notable king is mentioned, King Levitas the Fourth King who was infamously remembered for a Civil War that occurred under his reign and his apparent possession by his stone. Much of the way their society functions remains a mystery as it has not been elaborated upon but we can see that they are an incredibly intelligent race.

Most elves live either in the desert region of Gulfen but are known to settle in Windsor and scarcely in Lufen.

Appearance Edit

All elves have a stone gray skin tone and tall pointed ears. Some variations of the grey skin tone have been seen. It is safe to assume that the large ears of the elves may affect how strong their hearing is, being incredibly attentive to sound.

Most, with the exception of Gabilan and another bounty hunter, have white, luminescent eyes with narrow, cat like pupils. This may affect their biology with heightened vision and excellent ability to see in the dark.
Elf's Teeth

Elf's teeth and eyes

Prior to book six, almost all elves have sharp teeth. Their teeth, even seen in Trellis and Luger, have dulled out significantly to more cat like, maintaining pointed canines. In some panels after Book Six, however the original sharp teeth of the elves can be seen.

Elves have heightened senses, including their sight, hearing and their sense of smell as Luger, in book two, was able to tell Leon's species by sniffing a lock of his fur discarded on the ground. Their sense of smell is so strong that rotting fish can actually stun them a bit.

Many elves have white hair, some coming in grey or in background photos, have even come out in black. An iconic hair style with the elves is often keeping their hair long.

Some have no hair and have a more groul like appearance, harboring serpent like noses rather than cartilage based, human like noses. This may suggest a potential inbreeding with humans and elves but it has yet to be confirmed.

Trivia Edit

  • Elves and humans are the only creatures of Alledia to use stones.
  • Elves were originally a peaceful, extremely advanced society before the current elf king led them into war, giving them a more ferocious, warrior reputation.
  • Elves possibly have advanced healing, as they recover from injuries fairly quickly as seen when Trellis recovered fairly quickly when he was assaulted by Luger in Book 2.

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