"You need to look after Emily. Let go."
—David's last words to Karen before being killed in The Stonekeeper

David Hayes is the deceased husband of Karen Hayes, and the deceased father of Emily and Navin

History[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of Amulet, David, Emily, and Karen are on their way to pick Navin up from a friend's house. Along the way, David tries to avoid hitting a person who had a broken down car. The car drives off the railing and tumbles down a steep hill. At the bottom they crash into a tree that is next to a cliff. David becomes stuck under the dashboard of the car and the car starts leaning against the tree and sliding towards the cliff. Karen and Emily escape, but they can't save David, who falls off the cliff along with the car and dies.


In Firelight, we see David again as a memory in Emily's dream. Unfortunately, later at the end of the book, we find out that the Voice of Emily's amulet was disguised as her dad. In Firelight we also find out that the person that caused the accident meant to kill themselves but walked in front of the car that David and his family were in.

David's last Appearance was in Firelight at a camping ground in Emily's memory. It seems that he will not appear in any other Amulet books, as his storyline has seemed to been finished off.

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