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Dark scout (also known as a Shadow) is a parasitic creature first tested on lab rodents by Silas Charnon whose only purpose and desire seems to be to cause havoc and mayhem. They possess malevolent intelligence, having been known to strategize and think. A good example of this creature is Sybrian. Sybrian was in Emily's way, stopping her from saving her mother, and she unwittingly cured Trellis of him in the process of defeating him. In the book Escape from LucienNavin and his allies on the Project Colossus that was destroyed by the Elf King's warship encounter these shadows when they fall into LucienRobert being a victim of their possession. They are saved from them by Riva Ash, mayor of Underground Lucien.

Victims of Shadows[]

  • Various citizens of Lucien
  • Striker Fish

Notable Members[]