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Daniel Light was the son of Vigo and Miriam, and a known stonekeeper.


Little is known of Daniel's life before Miriam's death, other than that their family lived a very much happy life.

Afterward, however, Daniel was completely devastated, and wanted to see his mother again more than anything. He began studying as a Stonekeeper  under Vigo for some years, and turned out to be one of his father's brightest students.

Eventually, Daniel's desire to be with his mother turned him to his stone, and the boy attempted to use its power in order to contact Miriam beyond the grave. At this point, Daniel entered a deep coma and would not awake. Vigo stood beside his son watching over him the whole time. When Daniel suddenly began speaking to someone, Vigo initially assumed it was Miriam; however, he soon came to realize it was the Voice of his stone. Daniel re-awoke for a brief moment, in which he shown a clearly distraught expression, and died shortly after.

His grave is seen in The Last Council.


  • Throughout Prince Of The Elves, he was referred to as "David". However, the grave in The Last Council reads "Daniel Light"
    • Although, the gravestone seen in The Last Council was never directly stated to be his.
    • This is again supported by the fact that Cecil stated that Daniel was killed after he set out to fight the Elf King, which contradicts his death in Prince Of The Elves.