Colossus Project
Colossus Project
Location Catacombs of Cielis
Position Colossus Workshop
Participants The Resistance, Navin Hayes (Pilot), Cogsley (Co-pilot), Alyson Hunter (Pilot)
Goal Counter-force against the Elves
First Appearance The Last Council (Referenced in Map)

Prince of the Elves (Actual)

The Colossus project is a massive project launched by the Resistance in attempt to weaken Max Griffin's rampage.


The project was originally assembled outside of the catacombs of Cielis before it had mysteriously vanished.

When the elves took over Cielis, most of the Colossus pilots has been tossed out of the city and dismantled various Colossus' automatons. The elves were nearly successful in ending the project as a whole, however a few of the workforce for the Colossus Project had smuggled some parts down into the mines what is now called the Colossus Workshop.

Now, it's at full workforce, most of the laborers consisting of robots with new young members training to become future pilots.

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