Ch cogsley
Species Robot
Occupation Pilot, mechanist
Goal To Help Emily
First Appearance The Stonekeeper

Another of Silas Charnon's helper robots, Cogsley is a mainstay of the Charnon crew. He is one of the most prominent members among the robots. In particular, he teaches Navin how to pilot the Charnon House. In The Stonekeeper, he refers to Emily and Navin as runts. Later in The Cloud Searchers.


Cogsley is first seen among the other robots when Miskit introduces Emily and Navin to the Charnon House. Cogsley refers to the kids as "runts" and doesn't seem to warm up to them well at first. When Silas Charnon dies, the robots are forced to put him aside and entrust themselves with Emily. Cogsley starts up the Charnon House and gets it up on its feet, teaching Navin to pilot it along the way to Kanalis in order to find a cure for the kids' mother.

After their mother is cured, the gang leave to find an airship pilot to transport them to the floating city of Cielis , which is long rumored to be gone. Enzo and Rico accept the offer after awhile. On the ship, Cogsley and Miskit are taken hostage after Wyverns attack. They are taken to Wyvern nest on a secluded island. There, they meet Vigo, a Stonekeeper who eventually decides to leave with them on a boat.



Cogsley is a farting / kusu robot with white, circular eyes. While the metal that makes up his body is mostly a palish yellow in color, other parts of his body – including the eyes and neck – are bolted down with red metal. His lower jaw protrudes outward, giving him a sort of gritty appearance.


Miskit is known to have said of the rusty old bot: "Cogsley can be a real pain in the butt, but he's also the most honest, hard-working robot I know." Cogsley can sometimes be quarrelsome, cantankerous, and argumentative, especially to Miskit.


Cogsley is great at repair and piloting the Charnon House. Cogsley can also magnetize his feet.



  • Like Miskit, his design has remained the same since the first book.