The Cloud Searchers

Cielis is a large, floating city that was hidden from most of the land-dwellers. As a result, many dismissed the city to be lost, destroyed, or nonexistent. Also, almost all of the entire rebellion considers Cielis to be the last hope of fighting back Gulfen.

History[edit | edit source]

Cielis and Lucien were once one big city, until Lucien became populated with what Cielians considered to be "outsiders", or anyone that did not look like a human. Cielis became the capital of Windsor, and seat of Alledia's main governing body, the Guardian Council.

When Gulfen attacked, they supposedly burned down the city, and killed everyone. However, in Book 3 and 4, it was revealed Cielis was lifted into the sky by the Guardian council, who made the city available to only certain individuals, such as former members of the council and other people that lived there.

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